Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Mastermind behind Sicko looks Sick, but He is on Point

As I sat and watched Michael Moore, the producer of Sicko, debate with a well respected physician, Sanjay Gupta, I had a thought: I find it extremely ironic that an obviously unhealthy man is promoting anything that relates to healthcare. Think about it. Here is a man who has two beer bellies - and he wants someone to listen to his opinion on the state of healthcare in the United States. Wait! I know what one or two of you are thinking: What does Michael Moore’s excessive weight have to do with his understanding of how jacked-up the American healthcare industry is? I get that!

Yes, I am aware that a few other countries’ healthcare systems work more efficiently than ours. Yes, I am aware that the facilitation of healthcare in the United States is biased, and even racist. However, I am also aware that it should be the responsibility of each American to be accountable when it comes to taking care of themselves. For example, I am perfectly aware that I have to monitor what I eat so I will not die of a heart attack or stroke considering I have been diagnosed with high cholesterol. Watching what I eat is, in fact, me taking some responsibility not to overburden the healthcare system with doctors’ visits because I refuse to eat healthy. Believe me, after years of devouring ribs, burgers, chicken wings, and French fries I have discovered eating right can be difficult. Now, for those of you questioning my position on this: Do I make any sense yet? Or, am I a Sicko in your mind?

The truth of the matter is that it looks like Michael Moore is literally about to be a Sicko. Sicko in the sense that he may die as a result of overeating or eating the wrong foods. Just take a look at his triple chin, his flabby cheeks; and I also notice that he breathes heavy when he talks. He sounds like a big guy struggling to get out of a Kia Rio. I am embarrassed for Michael. Not because he is overweight. But, because he has the audacity to criticize America’s healthcare system (it should be criticized), and he is a self-induced health risk and a potential financial disaster for most insurance companies due to his love of donuts.

I am certain there are others out there who want to say or write what I am conveying, but can’t because of who they work for. Like Dr. Gupta, CNN’s Resident Health Contributor. I know it took almost everything in him not to say to Moore: ‘Man, please. You talkin’ bout healthcare and yo fat behind can’t even sit comfortably in that chair.’ He had to be thinking of something along these lines. And, I am sure some critic, like myself, is thinking my thoughts too.

I made every attempt not to go see Sicko with this very critical analysis of Michael Moore and his gut. It took everything in my realm of moral power not to be judgmental of the documentary in spite of Michael’s hypocrisy. I actually support his crusade to expose the deficiencies within healthcare and his efforts to inform those of us with our heads in the sand. Therefore, I wanted to come away from the movie having learned something and with more respect for Big Mike’s work. And, I did!

Sicko will make you laugh and it will make the toughest of us shed a tear or two. I was a victim of both. It was like experiencing Frankie Beverly’s hit song: Joy and Pain. As I sat there in the stadium style movie house with mostly senior citizens I felt elated when a few sickly people featured in the documentary were finally going to get the much needed healthcare attention (outside the US) they have lacked for months. I also had sympathy for those few people
mentioned in this soon to be award winning film who died as a result of the Land of the Free’s non-socialistic system of healthcare management. This is what I left the theater thinking about.

My thoughts of Moore’s blubber had waned. No longer was I blasting Michael Moore for being irresponsible with his health. No, I had a new mental agenda: What can I do to help? My feelings changed. I was now on Michael’s side. He convinced me. His mission to inform and incite response worked. Nonetheless, I am left wondering who in a position of authority to make a change will be shaken by men, women, and children dying simply because they do not have health insurance. Which one of our elected officials or presidential candidates will have the balls to push legislation through for universal healthcare? Barack is all for it, and appears to be serious about it. It is one of his top initiatives if elected. Hilary has a plan also, but we should remember that Hilary was appointed by her cheating husband to lead a healthcare revolution back when she was sleeping in the White House. What ever happen to that task force-type cause? If you don’t remember go see Sicko. I will give you a clue: $$$$.

It is the almighty dollar driving this massive profit gaining monster. The healthcare industry was never formed to take care of the citizenry of the United States. (Google Nixon and Healthcare or JUST GO SEE THE MOVIE. You will be surprised). Unlike France, Canada, Great Britain, and Cuba the United States refuses to help the poor and the newly poor. I would not be surprised if the poor only included the coloreds. No, our government even neglects children and the elderly of all races. I’m sure the seniors I sat beside at the AMC are clearly aware that they have been forgotten. Could this be the reason a bus load of them were there taking advantage of the discounted ticket price and free popcorn? I safely imagine: YES! They were there crying, and chatting throughout the movie because they are beneficiaries of the United States’ governments decision to be in cahoots with Kaiser Permanente, Humana, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, and CIGNA.

As I sat there totally okay with those grandparents talking throughout the documentary, I began to think about my future. What will I do when my extended unemployment health insurance runs out? Will I be able to afford the quoted premium of $385 a month? Where will I get my Crestar from for a discounted price? What will happen if I get sick? I left the movies with all of this on my mind thanks to Michael Moore, but I am okay with another fat guy sharing the TRUTH with me. All I need now is one of those triple-decker cheeseburgers from Wendy’s!

Thanks, Michael. I have a chocolate covered cream filled donut waitin’ for ya!

Written by Muata. Inspired by those old folks who will have trouble getting popcorn kernels out of their dentures.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Its amazing how we see things in a different light when its applicable to us.

The movie brought out a huge point that regardless of rich or insurance companies are out to save a penny!

I personally know someone who was denied a liver tx and died of cancer (Kaiser!)

It amazes me everyday.....those on Medicaid actually have it better than those in private health insurance groups, believe it or not.....but its true!

Very well written and one of my favorite pieces.


FREEDOM said...

A response from Freedom:

I have my BS degree in Health Care Management and health care managers are faced with a difficult task of providing health care to the masses. Health Care is complex because SOME people are truly in the industry to make money, while others are truly there to make a DIFFERENCE. Many are involved in the health care system to make a difference by touching a life through the practice of Holistic and Traditional medicine for the mind, body and soul.

The world of health care is facing alarming realities that one cannot just sweep under the rug. Healthcare providers, employers, consumers, insurance companies, legislators and regulators have to help one another to close the gap of disparities within the health care delivery system. We ALL must give in order to improve the system of health care. Prevention and Education is the KEY to tackling the overwhelming raise in cost of health care. The rate of the uninsured is HUGE and rising.

I personally believe Universal Health Care is the way to go. If EVERYONE could at least have one full physical a year along with blood work that would be a start. And, once individuals are educated about their health and nutrition they will begin to gain control of their lives because “you are what you eat”.

In the bible day’s people lived long healthy lives. I believe studying to see how others maintain good health is worth the research. Let us research how others maintain good health and apply it to our lives. I know what you might be saying, ‘Freedom we are in 2007, not BC’. However I challenge you to do the research and apply to your life Daniels’s diet and SEE your health improve.

When we RELEASE STRESS from our lives, then and ONLY then will we gain a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Have not seen the movie yet, but it is on my list to view.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

What's the saying about shooting the messenger?

We can buy products from around the world. Businesses can outsource and move outside of the U.S. for cheaper labor and they call that free enterprise. But let an elderly American try to purchase a prescription at 60% off from a Canadian or Mexican pharmacy and that is UN-American and moves are being made by our Government with the support of American Pharmaceutical Companies to make it illegal. Hmmm.... I guess they want a captive Market inside the good ole USA...


FREEDOM said...

My thoughts after viewing the documentary “Sicko”:

After viewing the documentary “Sicko” I have a couple thoughts besides the ones I have already stated before I saw the film, which were pretty much on the money. Not to beep my own horn, but toot toot…..LOL.

Other countries such as Canadian, Great Britain, and France have found the fountain of youth by providing Universal Health Care to their citizens. Especially, France! Even though I had a bad experience in Paris when I was a teenager ALL is FORGIVEN. I just might have to move to France one of these days. The French government provides for its citizens Health Care, Day Care, a nanny after a mom has had a baby to come in and help the mom by cooking, doing laundry, and giving the mom time to run errands. Not to mention you do NOT have to pay to go to COLLEGE. And, on top of that you have 35-hour workweeks, and at least 3 weeks of vacation along with sick time. And, with there sick time you stay out of work as long as you are SICK!!! And finally, when you get married you automatically receive a week off after your wedding. WOW! Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, if you do not believe me GO view the film “Sicko”.

Hey, paying higher taxes has not sounded so GOOD until now. Paying higher taxes is WORTH receiving these benefits, and if I decide to move to France I will learn the language FIRST!!!!!!!