Monday, August 21, 2006

To be Young, Truthful, and Ostracized

My mother told me to always be truthful and honest. Over the years I have disobeyed my mother’s truth telling commandment. I have lied and misrepresented the truth to get out of trouble or to get something I desperately wanted on occasion. What I became is a liar. I was too cowardly to tell the truth. What a shame! But, once I started to understand as a teenager that honesty is the best policy I began to be bold and sensitive with truth telling. I understood that when you are honest one never has to remember what he/she has said, and one should never have to apologize for telling the truth.

Andrew Young did not tell a lie. He told the TRUTH. You would think the media would respect and appreciate his honesty. You would think those paid watchdogs hired by Jewish organizations would at least step back an evaluate Andy’s statements before going into attack mode. You would think the average Korean, Arab, Jewish person would say, ‘He is right. Some of us do own quite a few mom and pop stores in predominantly black neighborhoods that have overpriced products.’ To admit this, however, would mean they are telling the truth. Something they are not willing to do since they are relishing in the sympathy this incident is generating.

Andrew Young has been on the front lines for decades fighting for civil rights. He has devoted his life to eradicating a lie. The American lie. A lie that was written in our constitution: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

After all his efforts and accomplishments Andrew Young has been forced to resign from a post. He has selected to apologize to those stale bread, spoiled meat, money-hungry selling Arabs, Jews, and Koreans. What a shame! Now, if my grandmother was alive she would demand Andrew stand by his truth and tell those sympathy seekers to go to hell. She had her way of telling the truth. I can remember when I would bring a friend home from school. Grandma Frankie would be explicit with her truthful descriptions of my friends. If you were light skin she would ask me, “Who is that yellow girl you bring’in to my house.” If you were overweight she would say, “I don’t have enough food to feed fat boy.” How I loved my grandmother! How I am disappointed with Andrew for re-tracking the truth.

When I was first informed of Young’s statements, I immediately thought it is good someone of his stature is speaking out. However, in this country to speak out means you are putting yourself in jeopardy of being ostracized by the status quo. It is so amazing that we take pride in this thing we call free speech, and often times we either censor ourselves or become politically correct. Whatever happened to telling it like it is or as you see it? I can tell you where I think it went: out the window with all the other freedoms we think we have. Yeah, I know, we are free to say what we want. But, are we? Truly think about it. How much more sensitive could Andrew Young have been? Let me try to be sensitive by delicately paraphrasing one of our last civil rights icons. Read below:

‘Well, for years now some people from other countries and cultures have purchased storefronts. They have opened their convenience store doors to all in the community while selling products that have been known to be outdated and overpriced.’

What do you think? Would this be offensive to the guy wearing the turban who can barely speak English? Is this offensive to that brown skinned man standing behind bullet proof glass eyeballing (theft prevention) the black man who works for a well-known bank as an executive? My point: I have to endure the “truths” being told about me as a black man and some of us have to be extra careful while in gas stations so that we will not be gunned down by that Korean who thinks we are planning to rob him.

I applaud Andrew Young. He said what needed to be said. He reminded America of their policy against black folk. I wish so many more of us would take up the mantle of truth. To avoid the truth pushes us from facing the problem Malcolm X and many others said was America’s ultimate problem. The race problem is not going anywhere until the white status quo addresses their issue. The black man does not have to adjust or change his thought process on this. We are not the ones cringing at the sight of a brotha walking down the street. All we have asked you (the white man) to do is accept us. This has proven to be too much to ask. Maybe we should have demanded separation and equality? Integrating with the white man maybe the worst mistake we have made.

Once upon a time we purchased our food from black store owners. Once upon a time we patronized black cleaners. Once upon a time, before integration, we had no reason to venture outside our loving communities. We traded in those days for what we have now. Are you satisfied? Be careful not to offend “them” with your response.

Written by a man they have labeled a racist. Inspired by the one thing that will set you free.


Muata said...

Reader Responses:

Thanks for sharing this awesome piece and for telling it like your grandma taught you – The Truth! You, my friend – are a gifted writer!


Good article. -Baion

I totally agree with you. -DM

FREEDOM said...

The funny thing about the TRUTH is that if you are not ready to receive the truth, you may distort it to fit what you believe in your mind is the truth. The truth is UGLY, sometimes. And man cannot face these ugly reflections of the truth that is staring them straight in the eyes. Instead they want to destroy the truth with a LIE.

I often ask myself, ‘Am I living in the truth or in some fantasy that I have created to camouflage the truth.’ You must be ready for the truth at all times. The truth can tell you that you need to leave that man or woman alone, because you know that person is not good for you. The truth can tell you that you are better off without the added stress and pressure that a bad relationship is causing you. The handwriting and signs are usually on the wall, but we become blinded by the TRUTH. Of how the truth will shame the Devil!

No one is perfect and we all have stretched the TRUTH in our lives. The difference is when we face these truths about ourselves and become disgusted at what we see in the mirror, which prompts a change in the reflection in the mirror. When we sincerely regret the things that we have done is the beginning of TRUTH TELLING.

It is true that the TRUTH will set you FREE. Let's stop selling out to the fear of telling the truth. The TRUTH spoken in LOVE will always be received, regardless of the lost of man's favor. As long as God's favor is on my life, I know that God's TRUTH will reign in my life forever, even if I go astray, I still have a voice inside of me screaming to be a TRUTH TELLER.

FREEDOM said...

I think the above quote is true, and needed to be said. Our black communities do not have many black business owners. And it is true the Arabs and Koreans have taken over with their “convenience” stores. A black man/woman cannot be a vital donator back to their communities within the scope of being able to exchange goods and services in the black community.

It is good that a light has been shined on these so-call convenient stores, which have been strategically put in the black neighborhoods to over charge, sell water down gas, and out dated products. The sense of dignity for human beings are being replaced by greed, the ole might dollar. I see Africans coming on the seen with the same distortion as their competitors.

What happened to a fair price for a fair product? The LOVE of money is another factor that is going to destroy the human race, GREED. The Arabs, Koreans, Africans, and Jews will have to address this issue of raping the black community. I just hope the black communities stand up and say 'enough is enough'!

Muata said...

Reader response:

I give up... Do we have a voice? No one is willing to take a stand anymore. I lost a lot of respect for Andrew- stand behind your belief. Hosea Williams is probably turning over in his grave right now-un-bossed and un-bought!!!