Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Government wishes death upon Fidel: Take note of their HYPOCRISY

In all my travels abroad and experiences with other cultures, America is the only place that’s incapable of addressing death appropriately. When one of our relatives or friends dies, we refer to the death as “passing” or “gone home to glory”. Why can’t we just say, ‘my mother died yesterday’ or ‘I have to go to a funeral. My friend died this past weekend’? No, we refer to death without truly acknowledging the person is deceased. Maybe this is a result of the Christian belief that the body dies, but the spirit continues to live? Either way, America has a history of killing people and wanting people to die, and yet, we cannot even communicate a person has died without getting tongue tied. I find this to be intriguing, and it is an example of how far we are removed from dealing with death and dying unless we actually want a person to “expire”.

Fidel Castro is a man the United States government has wanted dead for years. Fidel is well respected man worldwide, but in the West he has been despised by every US administration since the early 60’s. Since I was old enough to understand America’s infatuation with the death of Fidel I questioned why. And, I have always received the same ridiculous reasons:

-Fidel is a dictator
-Castro is a communist
-Fidel has imprisoned fellow Cubans who have disagreed with him
-Castro is an enemy to the United States
-Fidel allows thousands of his people to live in deplorable conditions

Before I blast the United States government AGAIN. Let me say this, America has always been a nation of insecure political leaders. This government we call a democracy has committed despicable acts in the name of maintaining democracy because of their insecurity.

America has harassed and even imprisoned fellow Americans who did not agree with governmental policies or who refused to comply: Angela Davis, Elridge Cleaver, Medgar Evers, Assata Shukur, and many more law abiding citizens. Isn’t this something the White House has accused Fidel of doing? America, the Hypocrites!

America has promoted this thing they call the American Dream for years. This is a dream many of my ancestors never did experience. It is a dream that is designated for a select few. A dream that is difficult to conceptualize if you are still forced to sit in the back of the bus. The truth of the matter is America is dreaming. The American Dream is a nightmare for people who are homeless, unemployed, and/or elderly and living without health insurance. For those of you saying, ‘Brian, these people do not have to be in this predicament.’ No, they don’t, but they are because of numerous reasons and one of the reasons is America has failed to take care of all its citizens. Isn’t this something the White House accuse Fidel of doing? America, the Hypocrites!

America and its democracy is a joke. Anytime you have a man serving as your president who behaves like an overzealous cowboy the democracy looses its purpose and effectiveness. President Bush has proven to the world he will bypass the Constitution to serve his conservative republican agenda. He has proven to the world he has the power to stop all legislation that does not fit into his moral code. President Bush has told the world, “either you are with us or against us”. What a peremptory statement to make to the world considering we need all the allies we can get.

Even if it can be supported Fidel is a zealot, power hungry narcissist, and arrogant leader how different is he in comparison to what we have now? America, the Hypocrites!

Fidel Castro’s history speaks for itself. It is one full of dedication and resiliency, but the United States government has neglected to share the history without tainting it. They did the same thing to the Black Panther Party, The MOVE organization, Nation of Islam, Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner, and other people or groups who forced America to face their untruths. Fidel Castro did something even more powerful. He told America to go to hell. Then he embarrassed them. He is the man American politicians have failed to be.

He stands for revolution. Revolution terrifies those in power positions in the United States. This maybe the reason they killed Martin L. King, Jr., did not intervened to stop the killing of Steve Biko during the dreadful days of apartheid, and supported the CIA and Belgian government’s assassination of Patrice Lumumba. America, the Hypocrites who are okay with death when it serves their selfish and egotistical purposes!

Click on the link and read the history that will soon be a legacy:


Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by Fidel Castro, the man the American government needs to die. The man I have learned a lot from!


FREEDOM said...


This is a great piece. You always have the ability of going to a deep place of reflection. You are truly a unique individual with a wealth of knowledge that is untouchable. Your subject matter is so broad that your readers become intrigued by you. Your ability to bring different literature to the table for the world to feast on is amazing. Your ability to give a perspective that makes the reader think, and say, 'Hey he has a point, I never really thought about this topic like this’. Your mind is very advanced, keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing your insights, which has caused me to take a deeper look at EVERYTHING.

Muata said...


I believe I have been blessed by my God to "deliver" for Him. This is the vehicle He has put on the track for me to drive carefully and slowly while informing, motivating, inspiring, touching, and positively frustrating people.

Thanks for the continued support!


Muata said...

Response from reader and Muata's response to reader:

Why do you desecrate MLK with comparisons to Castro?

Muata's response:

I did not desecrate MLK or compare him to Fidel Castro. I made the point that revolution is detested by the US government and that the government always destroy those who oppose their system.

Muata said...

Reader responses:

OOOOH! You goin' to jail and then to hell. You had betta stop blasphemin' dhis good ole U.S. of A. –KM

I love your passion! –V

Very interesting... my husband and I are still discussing this topic. You sure know how to capture a reader's attention. -RM

Muata said...

Muata's response to KM:

America has already created Hell. It is within the territories that make this place the US of A. No need to worry about going to hell when you die if you ain't living right. Hell is here. We (black folk) have been navigating through the fire for years without any water to put out the blazing flames. I just wish we would get out of this Burning House.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Another piece of thought provoking info... For fifty years they have demonized Castro and his regime. Castro cannot and will not be their puppet as oppose to Batista. Batista made the Americans have Cuba as a playground in that all major industries in Cuba were owned by America. Now, Fidel realized that was wrong and to the detriment of his people so he had to change all that. His passion for nationalism drove him to overthrow Batista and reclaim Cuba's wealth and there is nothing wrong with that. They never say what Fidel has accomplished as a leader under 50 Years of US embargo. Cuba is still surviving and has one of the best health care systems in the world and the highest rate of literacy in the entire world. In addition, has the best system and checks in place to deal with the aids program and has the lowest percentage of HIV/AIDS population. Moreover, Cuba has one of the best if not the best historical program in the world as far as local heroes and island history goes. What is more inhumane and cruel is the 50 year embargo on a tiny Caribbean nation and its people. If you want to effect change and show that you are human then work along with Fidel Castro. This is why Fidel is the most admired leader in the world to this day and there will never be another like him. Not forgetting the numerous assassination attempts on his life and the many ways the US has sought to undermine his administration.