Friday, July 20, 2012

This is The Day of The Supervillain

Remember when Boyz in the Hood premiered? How about New Jack City? Back then the thought of some madman entering a theater, and shooting up the place was a 'foreign concept'. Perhaps, a scuffle...a few foolish interruptions. Not a massacre! 

Today’s Reality…this is The Day, The New Day in America: 

A movie about an American superhero opens, people have been waiting for months for the opening day, some people who can afford to pay $300 bucks for a ticket did, the hardcore enthusiast plan for a babysitter months in advance or they alter their evening with the little ones to ensure the children are knocked out while the movie plays...they are satisfied, happy for that 2 to 3 hour moment while they take-in an empowering and thrilling story that concludes with the good guy winning. 

July 20, 2012, on This Day, we have a different story. Well, an altered ending. 

Countless people did make the preparations that I prefaced above - but the ending...the conclusion was far from a feel good sensation! So, we are here left wondering 'why'. Why did Batman's enemy (James Holmes) decide to use his sadistic intelligence and evil intent to dampen our day, destroy the day of so many...? Why? 

We don’t have an answer…

Today, is another reminder that The Day is not ours. We can eliminate our days with our decisions and we can enhance our days with our decisions. Ultimately, we are not in control...we are not safe. 

James Holmes, The Joker is smiling. Doesn’t he always? 

Muata Nowe

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