Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Endgame, AIDS in Black America

This documentary is extremely well done (link above). 

I found myself connecting the dots - and piecing together the reasons for the astonishing rapid increase in positive HIV/AIDS contractions within the black community. The reasons are not new to the question, Why? – but listening, thinking, and then visualizing the puzzle helped me to conceptualize the damages that could have been prevented if only the African American community stopped pretending and eliminated the culture of silence that has caused so much harm within various aspects of The Black Existence. 

All we had to do was sound the alarm, accept the reality- and then speak up! 

A Big Mistake that blacks will pay for forever…

It is so unfortunate the black community continues to highjack -with ignorance and stupidity- the reality of this disease instead of embracing it with truth and resolve. The foolish denial, irresponsible stigma placed on the infected, and the deplorable black church response aided in the rise in infections. *Note, the black ministers comment during the scene that highlights the needle Exchange Program…He said, “You are doing what the church should be doing.” Also note the number of black churches in the area where the program functions. Sad…

Black people have so many issues that we hide while we continue to die. We should get over ourselves - and be DONE with our ridiculous self-induced barriers: religion...Christianity and false status.


Black Americans will perish while holding onto a failed faith - and while quoting biblical scripture. 

Watch the documentary! And, pass it on! Ask your pastor to show it during Sunday morning service…if he/she says ‘no’ join another church that accepts reality and deplores the message of the silence! 

Muata Nowe

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