Friday, March 23, 2012

Racing with my Race Card

May as well play and RIDE this Race Card on out. Besides, March Madness and Race in American are the only chatters. Well, Whitney's full autopsy was released yesterday...Damn she was MIGHTY high! Mercy!

Okay! Here we go. Below is a post response from another forum. *To my white friends, you know I love you as I love myself. I am just sharing my mind. My black mind!

The history here in the USA ...and worldwide proves that white people are more racist. Look at the history and the present day scenarios in the collective...Look at what the white race has done to the world. Imperialism, invasion, slaughter, economic downfall, environmental irreparable damage...Everywhere the white man have invaded/bullied they have interjected their racist and superior ideals. Just think about it! Don't get on the defense. Hell, look at what Hitler did to white people! He was white! I am not being mean spirited here! The facts speak for the facts. Racism within the black and Latino community is a contagious byproduct of what has been inflicted on them. No excuse for the internal racism...(brown paper bag test - damn you AKA's! LOL!) excuse for the racism directed toward whites. We have our deep seated challenges...I am aware. So called ethnic minorities have been victims of the shaping of a racist mindset that has ruled this pathetic country for decades. These are the facts. If Jesus and Santa Claus were NEVER made white, racism may just be a void by now. When every white so called icon is WHITE that is connected to the opiate, RELIGION...when every prime television show purports white American ideals and values...this is what you get! Travel abroad, spend some time working abroad...listen to the darker people from around the world. They speak the foolishness of white racist mind thought. I was in a rural village in Central Asia a few years back. The people followed me around like I was a superstar. I was a HIT! They rubbed my skin and referred to me as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Then a village elder stopped me and said, "You not like what the pale face man has shared with are nice."

I am going to be completely confident on this one:

I AM FREAKING RIGHT and NOTHING can dispute/teardown my facts!

Muata Nowe

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