Sunday, March 18, 2012

Common Denominators…Hope, Faith, Control, and Want

Hope is that one necessary desire that we want...that we try to attain without investing any work in the production of it. We spend time attempting to be hopeful without serious commitment to the process of being men and women of Hope. Hope is literally synonymous to Faith. Acquiring and maintaining faith is not easy especially when life has been riddled with disappointment after disappointment. Obtaining faith and hope are lost causes also depending on the lot that God has bestowed. God in God's way has been significantly unfair when one critically thinks about who has good health, who is able to give birth, and who has all their senses in functioning order. Hope comes into play when the infliction/lot leaves you wanting...wanting a child...wanting the ability to see...wanting the removal of cancer. These are circumstances that challenge us to have faith. To believe. To be hopeful. But, what does one do when the Hope Reservoir is empty? When there is no other option to get what you want? Typically, even in the absence of religion, we are asked to hold onto hope. Why...? Could it be because humans are hopeful creatures? Could it be because humans have no other choice but to be hopeful and faithful when we Want? Wanting keeps us alive. Wanting is our mind telling us that we are in control. Hope is a control mechanism that's within our realm of Happiness.  It is our Common Denominator. Hope does not end...We End.

Muata Nowe

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