Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It is tax time! You know this time of the year brings so much EXCITEMENT. That excitement is of course connected to the good vibes people develop because of the money they may receive in the form of an INCOME TAX RETURN. I remember how I at one time would 'hawk' my mailbox waiting for the mail carrier to deliver my W-2's. Similar to the young lady I saw waiting, and waiting, and waiting Saturday for the rude woman (black) who is charged with placing mail in boxes. This twenty-something tattoo-covered young lady was aggressive with her 'wait'. She basically camped out. And, when Ms. PMS Postal Service showed-up it was on! "Took you long enough. You usually arrive on Saturday between 11 and 12. Where you been? Dang! Now, Fast Tax is closed!"

What in h*ll is Fast Tax? Let me stop trippin'...I know what Fast Tax is. I try to pretend like I do not know because when I think about a business that's purposely set-up to exploit people I get frustrated. Equally frustrating is how my people line-up at H & R Block, and that other tax rip-off company that Magic Johnson promotes.

Get that?

Magic is a pitchman for a business that 'legally' swindles money from the disenfranchised. Isn’t he Mr. Entrepreneur Promoter? Mr. Financial Planning Pusher?

Magic can’t be broke! Why in heck is he pushing businesses like a Jackson-Hewitt Tax Services and Rent-a-Center?

Why is Magic Johnson pitching Jackson Hewitt and Rent-a-Center ...

Just had a thought.

I remember when I use to shop around for a fatherless black kid’s social security number so that I could get more money back...I ain't embarrassed by that. Other folk (white) do it more than ya know! Not that that makes it right - but it does need to be pointed out since black folk are relentlessly accused of doing it! Equal playing field...at least in my commentary.

Someone PLEASE call out the Magic!

Brian E. Payne sharing. Inspired by the increase in flat screen sales as a result of TAX TIME!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Man, I got so much to say on this, but instead will make it brief. For years, I've been working to wean my family off the get-rich-quick-get-poor-again-quick scheme that is rapid refund. I ended up having to do it for some of them through the free file through the IRS, but it showed them how much more they could take home, well, to Wal-Mart and BestBuy.

For someone living off $3000-6000 annually, as many of my fam in Louisiana do, an extra $300 in their pockets if they can just wait a few more days for something they never had all year anyway is finally beginning to make sense. Of course, they all call me as soon as their W2s arrive, keeping me too busy to do my own until late March, early April, but it's all good, because they didn't fall for the tax trap.

Now, if only I can figure out a way to prevent them from falling for the other snares that follow the tax trap--like the big screen they just have to have, when they can barely afford cable, let alone HD. *sigh*

That's where Magic and his idiotic commercials come in, but I promised to make it short, so I won't go there.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Lol (although in reality it is not funny) fast tax is closed! I really am thinking what the heck is fast tax!!

Again, magic did let me down advocating for rent a center, still do not get it (is it really money)??

How about I am labeled by my family (and I mean immediate fam to date) as "black jew". Why? Cause I always tell family to "get them done for free", "do your own"or "at least wait a couple of weeks to avoid outrageous fees". Wish you could hear the way my own sis and mom call me "you black jew", mad funny to me.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds to AC:

Wear that "black jew" description on your chest.

The Jews are doing something right...