Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The First to get Fired on Wall Street: Women?

Why can’t it just be that these women (featured in the video/article) got fired/laid-off because of recession ramifications? Is a discrimination conspiracy theory necessary? H*ll, everyone is feeling the pinch some way or another. What’s next, a bunch of black men from General Motors will get together and claim that they were fired because they are black? While both scenarios, the real one and the hypothetical, can happen perhaps we should not focus our energies on reasons that are unsubstantiated. Besides, if we really want to be honest/fair countless women have been hired to adhere to a gender minority quota anyway. This leaving me with the opinion that they may not have been qualified in the first place while competent men are left on the sidelines waiting to get picked up by a second rate company. It happens. And, this is not written to take anything anyway from corporate women. Believe me; I am familiar with the well-to-do and intelligently dynamic woman in power. However, most of you reading know incompetence when you see it. Actually, I have worked for a black man who was only sitting in the Chief’s seat because the company had to ‘diversify’ as an obligation to the federal government’s under utilized EEOC.

Women can do some jobs better than men. That’s a fact – but once women begin to lodge lawsuits based solely on hormonal emotion and illegitimate information they may just shoot themselves in the foot. Regulating the ultra white feminist movement to nothing but whining.

Also, considering the data within the second link, why didn’t these suing women civilly address the obvious male-female discrepancy before now? (Take a look at the chart).

Money will keep one from complaining…especially if the ‘discrimination’ is not hitting one’s pocket.

Inconsequently, based on my acquired understanding from countless women:

Females would rather work for a man.

Is that true, ladies?

Short video:

Informative Article:

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by all the female NFL and NBA corrospondants who never played the game.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Too Ironic. I was actually thinking about what about our dynamic really pushes my buttons, and was starting to realize some things, and your email really hit it home for me. So are you honestly saying that if you read an article where 5 black men lost their jobs and had the same basis for their claim that you would have wrote this email? Would you have had the same reaction, called them and their movement a bunch of “whiners.” Maybe the ‘new’ Payne would have, but the one that I knew and loved would have been fired up and angry.

And from what I know, yes, there are minority quotas that companies are trying to meet, but I don’t know if ANY gender quotas that are required, and your story of working for the CEO that was promoted because of his race just does NOT happen with us women folk.

Do I think=2 0you love women? Absolutely. Do I think you respect women? Yes. But I do think you do not understand our struggle, the history of our struggle, and have many times with me belittled our struggle, especially us ultra white feminist whiners. I don’t have any desire to compare my hardship or difficulty in being a white woman to the struggles and injustices of being a black man in our society. In fact, most of the time I will go along with minimizing of it, and do the “white woman guilt” that somehow I would really like for my fellow WHPM’s (White, heterosexual privileged males) to take part in.

But you have no desire to hear my story Payne, you want to compare, and you always will win. So be it. But when I read the story that you sent, I felt great sadness. I know these women’s struggle, and it triggers in me the unfairness that I have witnessed in my lifetime. But to hear your response to it, your condescending voice, it only made me feel more sadness. Do you r ealize that disparity between men’s wages and women’s wages has only INCREASED in recent years? But no, we don’t talk about that stuff, us women just need to simmer down, check our hormones. Well ya know what? This hormonal, ultra (privileged ) white whiner just ain’t going down quietly.

And as a final note. I have the best boss in the world, and she’s a strong, compassionate, capable women. The best bosses that I’ve had in this lifetime have been women. I know where I stand, know what I need to do to move up, and they have always been willing to mentor me to be more successful at what I do. But I’m sure you will find women out there that will bitch and moan about female bosses, just like I can find many black men that will bitch and moan about the black men of our country. Oppression is complicated, right?

See, I TOLD you I would respond if you got me fired up enough! Still love you though babe!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata reponds to SN:

I got ya. I knew I would spark that plug. Oil that engine. LOL!

I did not intend to be condescending.

I am outraged at injustice. In this case, Where is the injustice? Where is the proof? If women want to be in the big leagues with these tycoons they need to toughen-up like a tycoon would, and move on to the next job. Do you honestly believe the Wall Street firms would have removed them just to be discriminatory? Why bring them on board and then fire them for that reason? Why can't it just be that the recession has hit them in the face?

I wonder if females who work in hosiery mills and furniture factories are of the 'I was fired because I am female' mindset. The mentality shifts when the money moves beyond 60K.

For these women to file a lawsuit says one thing to me:

They are not sure if they were hired/selected based on their merit.

For them to complain without nothing but speculation weakens the fight. Isn't that true, SN?

I am still the same... A bit more conservative in my views. Trying my best to see ALL sides of the equation.