Friday, November 07, 2008

What have we done?

What we (those who voted for Barack) have done is RE-ENERGIZED and RE-IGNITED the hatred that has always been in the souls of the hater. Our votes were cast for several reasons. Change for some. Putting an intelligent person in the White House was another reason for some. Ultimately, we did it for a better tomorrow. But, I fear that these haters will not come around to the peace that acceptance brings. No way whatsoever! The hate runs deep, and the swamp smelling hostile odium is a pleasant fragrance for them. Believe that!

If they can hate someone just because he/she is black tells me a lot about these people. To position your thinking to this disgusting level is nothing less than evil. Remember, we did NOTHING to be objects of their repulsion!! America, a black president, an accepting Generation X and/or Baby Boomer white person will not change the hatred in the bigoted pits of the red states.

Believe me, I understand that most African Americans are aware of this. Putting a black man in that house on Pennsylvania Avenue did not remarkably change our beliefs about the United States. Did it? We can ride this tidal wave of sweet emotion but for so long. Southern reality and US history should be our constant, not passing feelings!

Believe me, I am TRYING my BEST to be POSITIVE about this ancient topic (God knows that I am) - but we have YEARS of hate plagued experience as our example. As our teacher. Should I all of sudden believe that America has really changed because a few states turned blue, the popular vote was somewhat barely won, and because a park filled with people from all walks of life were chanting, “Yes, we did” that all are on one ship in unity? That the evil will defeat itself?

The Ejected Angel’s domineering antics have not ceased for YEARS in spite of our so called God ordained blessings i.e. Jesus, Martin, Gandhi, Medgar, Moses, etc. If God is involved: HE WILL HAVE TO WORK THIS MESS OUT. Keep praying for that one! Are we (people from all backgrounds) incapable of moving past stubborn bias, mind-sets, beliefs, and behaviors to rectify the MESS that we have created? When I say ‘we’ I am pointing most of my index finger at the white man considering he in modern times have held the power that could have prevented so much devastation.

I must admit that I believe BARACK OBAMA IS ANOTHER START. Get that, ‘another start’? Mankind has been in this predicament before. The cemented history dates back to biblical figures. Jesus was hated, despised because what he stood for: CHANGE. Remember?

We can't go through 40 plus more years of this crap! I just stress people look to the past for the future. Not dwell in defeat of it! The past is critical in this case. So critical. I am praying the past does not repeat itself – but should I have this faith considering so many prayers have been unanswered since the Roman’s sponsored the death of God’s Son?

I am also praying that I can FORCE my thoughts to the positive at all times despite the present day realities.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by what is bound to happen: History Repeating Itself.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

This is no surprise to me. Barack Obama's Win (The World’s Win) has not and will not only open many eyes to how far we have come, but it has and will also reveal how far we have to go. It will reveal how rampant racism is to those whites, blacks, and others who really have not seen or recognized the racism before because it has not been so overt. But it will begin to be outright and blatant because many will reveal their true colors. Some people will not be able to contain it within themselves because they hate so badly the fact that a Black man will hold the highest office in our Country.

Sadly, there will be much more to come. Brace Yourselves. We are in for a Ride.

"Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the LIE of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them."

Martin Luther King, Jr., speech, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, August 16, 1967.

The LIE has been Exposed and many Truths will be Revealed.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Very well stated AMJ! I agree that we can expect more but maybe I’m being na├»ve because I also believe that it won’t be as many overt incidences such as this. Sure you will have some that will say amongst their like minded, ignorant and racist peers “That ni***r is not my president, (case in point, we have literally had a few “Professional” people, white of course, crying at my place of employment Wednesday. 2 even went home early because they were so distraught). I still feel that with the overwhelming swell of people that made their voice heard Tuesday, that we have made true progression as a nation. There are PLENTY of people of all races that support this man. Although I know you will never, ever rid the world of racism, I refuse to let anybody still my joy! I have been on a natural high all week! I just hope and pray that nothing happens to our new President to take us back 200 years and negate any progress we have made as far as race relations.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to DM and AMJ:

Lord. Reading both of your responses deepen my fear. My truth. My outlook. I can only imagine how my previous response read/sounded. I just want my wave of joy to continue - but the crazy hateful events that have occurred over the past few days only bring me back to: THIS IS AMERICA. I told someone last week that, even I a black man who really does not care about how some white folk feel about me or about their plight considering that they have always had an advantage (skin color), I just want to be accepted as HUMAN. Not as a black man. Just freaking human!!


Muata said...

AMJ Responds to Muata:

You can be HAPPY, ELATED, PROUD all That! We have that. Just be Aware that ALL things and people have not changed overnight.

This is AMERICA, but it is a different America overall. We have come a long way and that is definitely a lot to be happy about!


Muata said...

Article submitted by reader after reading commentary:

Interesting article. Personally, I think too much is being made of the subject, as I believe that all of the "old schoolers" will continue to be a much needed voice of the poor and disaffected. I think that they'll be able to realign their positions and shift their rhetoric to support many of Obama's policies. But, ultimately, they'll continue to champion the causes of so many who will remain trapped and limited in their very "real and now" social and economic plights. As long as such conditions exist for so many people, the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world will continue to be a very much needed antiseptic to the notion that we "have" overcome.


Muata said...

DM Responds after reading the article:

Thanks for this 1 AE,

I for one agree with Bill Cosby and Barack Obama. We have to take some since for responsibily and accountability for our race and stop waiting around for someone else to do it. We all know there are disparages in this country when it comes to race and socio-economic status but that doesn't mean you give up and demand that somebody else take care of what we all have in us to do. That being said, I'm not expecting our new President to get into office and fix all of the woes of the Black, the poor, and the down trodden. What I am hoping he will do is become the catalyst to invest in Americans (which like it or not encompasses blacks), inspire americans (us) to try to reach their potential, and to lead by example showing many young americans (especially us) that education is not corny, watching rap artists with diamonds in their teeth with spinning rims in the back ground, and video hoes making their ass wobble is not the only route that one has to take in our society to be looked up too.


Muata said...
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Muata said...

Muata responds to DM:

as i read your response for the second time i came to the conclusion again that we did not need barack obama to become president to be the best we can be. i came to the conclusion that you, pat, eric, boot man, others, and myself did not need a black man in the seat of the US presidency to achieve our goals. if this is the case, what makes us think that obama is needed for my son, pat's son, and eric's son to realize/believe he can be the best?

how much more do we need in terms of investment? you and i can list well over 100 black men/women who have been that catalyst. these same men and women invested so much. so much: time, energy, money, family, etc.

with all that said, those black boys and girls who are saying, 'i can be president' should have been able to say that emphatically before barack was even a factor.

why does the status of the person have to be grandiose before we understand that we have it in us to be the CEO?


CurlyBetty said...

Don't you think Barack said "I want to be president" to himself as a little kid??

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

hey man dont let them get u like that u too cool and smart - we need reason folk, we a dying breed

Muata said...

Muata Responding to Curlybetty:

Barack may have desired to be president - but did he actually need a black man in that seat to believe that he could do it? Evidently not considering Barack is the first black president.

My point:

Black people have a sufficient amount of people within their history and in the present to look up to.