Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Poor Sarah

I was one of those people who came to Sarah Palin’s defense. I did in part because she was unfairly getting blasted from the Left and the Right. Either she was not smart enough to be Vice President of the United States (like intelligence is a prerequisite for the American people e.g. Walker Bush) or she was not prepared and/or qualified (like qualification is a prerequisite for the American people e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger). Another part of me wanted to support Palin simply because she is female. This identification with my feminine side earned me the title, Bleeding Heart Woman Sympathizer.

Over the years several male friends of mine have complained that I give women too much credit when I need to be critically examining their ‘manipulative’ motives and words. This affection I have for women is one of those lingering Baby Boy attachments that I have to my mother: She can NOT do any wrong and she is NOT to blame for any issue she faced while raising two boys and two girls alone. And, while slaving in an air polluted furniture factory for 30 years.

Time (one week) is all that was needed for Republican white men to identify and give credence as to why a black man whipped the behind of a good ole boy who arrogantly believed he surged in the final days: “The Mac is Back”. That was John McCain’s pronouncement as Sarah Palin stood next to him like a good solider should have even while losing. But, now after the thick dust has settled McCain and his sore losing dodgers of responsibility are pointing the finger at a woman who was unknown for so long. Have they forgotten that she was the one who resuscitated McCain’s failing campaign? Did they forget that a few of Hilary’s supporters jumped the democrat ship to support the McCain/Palin ticket? She is what they wanted: Pro Bush, Pro Life, Pro Drilling, Pro War, and Pro NRA. What else could they ask for?

How quickly one forgets when there is a desperate need to find fault. Nonetheless, this is not unusual coming from Jim Crow-favoring white men. They have never owned-up for their missteps and/or misdeeds i.e. the rape of The Continent. Despite the reports, I find it difficult to believe that a senator who can see Russia from her home did not know Africa (a body of land full of COUNTRIES) is not a continent. Let’s not forget that countless non-internationally exposed Americans have no clue that a person from Kenya would prefer to be labeled as Kenyan, and not African. Similar to an Antiguan preferring to be classified as an Antiguan; and not some random person from the West Indies: West Indian.

Perhaps, I am taking-up for Sarah because she is sexy? No, that’s not it! I am just a man pinning the azz tag on the azzholes: Fuddy-Duddy White Men. These are the men who cannot accept that they got their butts stomped by a frail brotha who walks with a pimp’s swagger.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by those women who are ‘siding’ with America’s original dodgers.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

I wouldn not say she is the scapegoat without her deserving a significant amount of the blame. She is her own enemy. She arrogantly came into this race and made no effort to show or present a polished political machine. She came is as a bulldog with a bird-size brain. McCain clearly sees the error of his ways in selecting her as a running mate. He had no chance after Palin got on national TV and was unable to have a successful interview with Katie Curic - an easy interviewer who just wanted America to get to know this "Alaskan woman" who popped up from no-where to national awareness literally overnight.

SO -in all fairness - Sarah Palin is her own cause for this backlash and aftermath of blame and "finger-pointing". Does she deserve all of it? NO - certainly not. But come on - when has the white male EVER taken full blame for his errors and mistakes against black men or women? But it's all good.

Let's just take the opportunities given us on this day and hope that it opens doors for our children of tomorrow and future tomorrows ahead.

Much love!

-Rev. J

Muata said...

Reader Response:

Sarah Palin brought this on herself and John McCain and his people helped her by
even considering her as a candidate. They put her out there and used her and She
Allowed them to use her based ONLY the FACT THE SHE WAS A WOMAN,
thought would win him votes.

They all new she was not qualified or capable of being the VP of the US and God
forbid - President.

They all deserve the blame for perpetuating this on the American people.
Country First???!!! John McCain first!

The people that are talking now, should have been speaking out before election
day. It's a good thing that the majority of the people knew what they needed to
know not to let these two take over this country.

She is not the scapegoat. The truth is just now being revealed. We all have to
take responsibility of our own actions.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Yes, the Republican Party used her to the upmost! They in the end gave her no support. They used her because they thought that Palin could get the female vote from Hillary Clinton supporters, but the problem with that is that Palin can't even be compared to Hillary Clinton. No matter that a lot of people disliked Clinton toward the end, Clinton and Palin....there is no comparison.

They used Palin and McCain aides talked about her to the upmost and revealed things that they should have kept in the party within the party about the clothes. As far as Palin's education about the issues and not knowing basic facts, there is no doubt that Palin was not qualified. Palin even knows that deep down, but this may turn out to be something positive for Palin. If they used her, she should use this to her advantage even though it makes her look like the scapegoat. Those are my thoughts.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

You know what they say, "any press is good press". If she is smart she will take full advantage of it. I think there are a lot of Americans that are secretly hoping that whatever McCain saw in her will eventually surface for the rest of the world to see. No one will ever forget her - that's for sure.

And heck yeah they used her but I think she went in willingly. I mean this woman may not have won the Republicans another term in office but she certainly created a buzz. For a minute she stole the spotlight from the both the oldest and the first black presidential nominee. But thank God we aren't as stupid as they thought.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Somebody has to take the blame and I guess Palin is available.However, Palin is blaming Bush for the loss. I just saw the headline; I have not read the story.Also, McCain probably knew he would not win so why not bring in Palin, a relatively unknown who only knew how to bash Obama in her speeches.The Republicans had no platform.
Well, that is my view.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Yes, she is taking the blame. The blame should go to McCain and company for selecting her. They disrespected women by assuming she would automatically claim the votes of women who were supporters of Hillary Clinton. They did not recognize that women are intelligent enough to recognize foolishness and vote for the best candidate. They underestimated the nation as a whole, thinking being cute and personable would be enough to conquer a black man daring to run for the highest office in the land. .

I have no idea why Pailen is still getting press other than the fact that the media holds onto anything that sells. I personally am not interested in hearing or reading another word about Sarah Palin. Obviously there are those who find her story interesting enough to continue following it. I am assuming it will wear thin shortly.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

she will have a show on Fox soon