Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lucifer's Acquisition

Why should we care that Middle East tensions have flared up once again? Why is the media covering the same scenario that plays itself out daily in that region? Why are we spending so much time talking and debating the crisis? Why don’t we just sit back and allow these people to destroy themselves? Why is the Western world quick to defend “God’s chosen people”, who became ruthless invaders and brutal occupiers of righteously acquired land. The Jewish people were wrong many years ago, and they are wrong now.

These are the type of questions I have received within the last few days. Some may consider the questions valid, a few may be offended by the non-caring attitude that they purport, and some may consider the final question to be anti-Semitic. Either way, the Middle East problems are far from being over. This tit for tat deadly game is taking lives and destroying physical structures such as homes, border crossings, and businesses. While the destruction continues many of us who care, are wondering what the real issue is. It definitely is not about two kidnapped Israeli soldiers. It is bigger than that. Much bigger.

The Middle East conflict, particularly between Palestine and Israel, dates back to the early 1800’s. It all started over the acquirement of land and an imperialistic action. Land then, like today, is the determining factor of the development and creation of a culture. The geographical location dictates the elements within the culture. For example, in the Pacific the cultural aspects of the people there coincide with what the land has to offer e.g. tropical climate. In the Middle East, because of the religious and spiritual aspects, the land is prime real estate. It is the essence of the people. Muslims, Christians, and Jews have known this for quite some time. Therefore, the Palestinian Arabs decided to settle in this part of the world bringing together their Muslim, Christian, and Jewish traditions while living in complete harmony until “outsiders” from Europe selectively decided to colonize the land. These people are known as Zionist, but are also referred to as Jewish extremist. Over a significant period of time the Zionist migrated from Europe to Palestine. Of course the influx burdened the Palestinian people, and it was this burden that eventually lead the Palestinian people, who were living together peacefully, to became resentful. Then the fighting commenced!

I find it ridiculously hilarious that the major point of the conflict is somehow glossed over by the United States and European governments. It was the European Jew who invaded this part of the world. It was the European Jew who pressured the UN to intervene on their behalf under false pretense. It was them who ended up with 55 percent of the land to form a Jewish state (now Israel) despite the fact they represented only 30 percent of the total population, and owned under 7 percent of the land.

In regards to land procurement the darker skinned humans always get the raw deal. Think about it. The Native Americans were the first inhabitants on what is now North American soil. The Aborigine people of Australia were the first inhabitants of that part of the world. The Asians and Africans of today and thousands of years ago were the first inhabitants of that body of land. Each group’s land was infiltrated with foolish Western values, imperialized, culturally raped, and/or stolen by the white man.

What skin tone does the Jew’s in power from Israel have? You guessed it: WHITE. It is interesting that the white men of the past and even today have constantly been the aggressor and the conniving ones, but they always plead innocence when challenged. In the Hebrew Bible, the writer of Isaiah had a name for people of this character: Lucifer.

After countless history lessons we are still avoiding the appropriate discussion. Instead of giving the Palestinians their land back we choose to debate over if their military tactics are within the confines of warfare. Yes, killing civilians merits a discussion. However, the darker skinned people (Palestinians) are not interested in sitting down and talking about sanctioned Western methods of war. They want their land, and they have proven that they are willing to die for it. I admire and respect that because my ancestors of Africa died in an effort to save what the Europeans and Americans have transformed into a dreadful place.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by that person who dares to label me as anti-Semitic.


Muata said...
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FREEDOM said...

Well written piece. Very informative. And, L.Scott, great responses.

Muata said...
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Muata said...

Muata responds to Famnblan:

In the total scheme of things the color of the skin does make a difference. Just think about paragraph 5 within the commentary. Really think about it. In the context of the history and even among black folk (light skin vs. dark skin), the dark skinned people ALWAYS get the short end of the stick. House Negro vs. Field Negro! If you can dispute this with FACTS please share with me.

And, yes, I am not pro Jew. Why should I be? I refuse to see them as the innocent. They definitely endured a lot, but they are not more important or better than me. It is ridiculous that Jews get all this sympathy while Palestinians, Africans, and Native Americans get none. And why? It all relates back to the color of skin. Think about Katrina. Think about Rwanda/Sudan/Congo. Think! If these were white folk who experienced death and destruction the outcry would be ENORMOUS.


Muata said...

Reader Responses:

Well written piece. Very informative.

…this is your best work to date. Your passion and knowledge of the subject matter resonate. Let’s be clear: I am not saying I agree or disagree with you. I am, however, saying that you have well stated your case. Thanks for sharing.

Muata said...

Below is Muata's response to someone (a white person) who is "sadden" by this commentary and who claims that Muata sees “race as a root cause of everything”. Muata is very passionate on this issue. Therefore, what you are about to read are his beliefs as a Black man who has attempted to do everything right in a society that refuses to SEE, ACKNOWLEDGE, and UNDERSTAND the plight of the black man. Muata is only asking the white man to make an effort. Read below.

You don't sit where I sit! You don't walk in my shoes. Race is America's number one problem. I am black and I deal with being black daily. You would never understand this. NEVER! I don't hate white folk. I just don't like what your ancestors did, and I don't like the white man's policy on race relations. I will NEVER let the white man forget his wrongdoing! He is the root of plenty of issues in this world. Just think about it. Think about Africa! Think about poor neighborhoods in America. Think about the downtrodden cities in this land we call the BEST place to live. We black folk are the problems your people created. Yes, we need to take A LOT of responsibility. However, it does not change the fact your people hung my people, raped our women, forced us to believe in a crippled religion, and basically DESTOYED a race of people. You need to face that. Acknowledge it!


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Interesting... especially about the Palestinians who only want what belongs to them. Yes, the "brown" skinned people are always the ones who suffer in these conflicts.


Muata said...

Reader question and Muata's response.

The question is biblical oriented. Please refer to your bible for more information on the history of Abraham and his son, Ishmael.


What part, do you think, Ishmael, who was banned by his father, Abraham, has played in the existence of this continuing conflict?

Muata's response:

Actually, if I answered this question it would mean that I believe the story has historical ties to the conflict. I don’t believe this. The story can be applied to numerous situations or accounts that will/have occurred, therefore I cannot support that the story relates/correlates to what is going on now. However, to use some of my divinity training read below:

Ishmael lived 137 years (Genesis 25:17). He had 12 sons, who became the founders of Ishmaelite tribes that spread from Egypt to what is today Iraq (people of Iraq are darker in skin tone). Many of the modern-day Arab peoples correctly recognize that they are the descendants of Ishmael, while the Jews (typically lighter in skin tone), and the rest of the Israelites, are descendants of Isaac - but all are descended from Abraham.

Understanding this could lead one to believe this is where the division and conflict began. Ishmael the “bad” son is the Arab who has darker skin. Isaac, the light in skin tone, son is considered the “good” son. Of course, the Jews would identify themselves with the so called good, and the dark skinned Arabs would identify themselves with tribes of people who have been mistreated.

I do not believe the bible in a literal sense. I believe the bible is full of stories that we can used today to support what is occurring in the present. Now, if it is a true occurrence is another theological debate.


Muata said...

Conversation on the Middle East conflict in regards to the biblical story: Abraham and his son, Ishmael. Read below:

There are many reasons to think about the conflict, but I don't think Abraham has much to do with it. I think in the end it's the greed of those involved on both sides. The darker people were oppressed first because the lighter people were barbaric. However, both groups play a hand in keeping the fire burning. The bible cannot explain this no matter how you look at it.
-Larikus Scott

You have to admit the historical story of Abraham and Ishmael could make sense to an avid reader of the bible and supporter of biblical history. It fits. No question with that.

Where is the empirical evidence?
-Larikus Scott

Exactly. This is my issue with those who say the bible is the TRUTHFUL account. However, no provable supporting evidence is needed to compare an event in the bible to what is occurring in the present. It just correlates. This is interesting though. The concept is, because what occurred thousands years ago can be compared to that book (bible) that is cherished so much. Actually, some stories are mirror images.

Muata said...