Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Black Man and His Johnson

For centuries, black men have endured the degradation of their spirit and manhood. All that they stood for while serving as kings in Africa was dismantled by slavery. They have however, remained steadfast. They have made a way out of no way. They have overcome what many thought to be unbeatable odds without much POWER.

The perseverance of the black man cannot be refuted. With that, a certain stigma has arisen that might prove to be controversial, insightful, and informative.

Recently, I picked up a book that was recommended to me by a Caucasian woman. The title of this very thought-provoking book is Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America. The author, Scott Poulson-Bryant has taken me on a very uncomfortable journey page after page. It has been so uncomfortable because he has forced me to conduct an ego self analysis. No man enjoys this. It truly puts him in a position to either accept some things or totally discount them.

If any black man tells you the size of his penis does not matter please move away from him! Lighting will definitely strike him or somewhere close. The fact of the matter is that the black man’s penis is the last beacon of success and power that he has after everything else such as money, cars, houses, and clothes are taken away. His penis is what will be in his hand! He still has that device that makes a woman squirm. He still has that thing every white woman wants to experience. He still has that sword the white man hated so much during slavery that it was cut off, and then placed in the black man’s mouth while the noose was around his neck.

Power: the ability or capacity to perform or act effectively.

Despite what the government reports to us via statistical analysis, the black man wants to be effective. He wants to be because it is in his nature to perform effectively, be it professionally or personally. We all want to be viewed as the best car sales man, stock broker, check stand clerk, medical doctor, trash collector, or teacher. Why? It is simple: The best gets attention and then recognition follows.

According to our societal beliefs, the best penis is the 8 to10 inch one. We should not be surprised by this. The Hummer is huge. Bigger is just better in the United States. Now, ask yourself why wouldn’t every black man want a large penis? I am sure the ones who have those eight to ten inches feel a certain level of power. Remember, the desire for power is planted in men at a very early age. On the basketball court, on the football field, and in the bedroom the man has to have the power to some degree. However, for the black man this power concept relates back to how power was taken away from him. Imagine the power a king has. He is the ruler. No one can or should defy him. It is this type of power that the black man wants to regain. He wants to be the man of the house. He wants the white man to see him as what he was before Porch Monkey. He wants his woman to see him as DA MAN! The question: How does all of this relate to penis size? Continue to read.

Well psychologically, a man is usually less confident if he has a small penis. Not only with his sexual performance, but in his life in general. But, the man with a large penis walks with a swagger. He knows he is the #$*&. Nobody can tell him anything.

Why do we have this difference in confidence levels? To explicitly reiterate:

The big black penis is envied by white men and black men. The big black penis makes the white women come back. The big black penis has the ability to make every man in the locker room stop, glance, be quiet for a moment, and then say: DAMN!

Envy, praise, and attention. To be envied, praised, positively reviewed, and recognized. What more does the black man need? Whew! I am excited thinking about the power that I have.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by any brother out there saying, ‘Brian, I was never a
ding-a-ling watcher in the middle school gym shower.’ Yes, you were. We all were because we wanted the power, and wanted to see who else had it!!!
Please read below the female's response to: Is penis size important?
1) I think that size is important in regards to the extremes - too large or too small. Too small won't be enjoyable, and too large would be uncomfortable. The only personal opinion that I have is in regards to the physical pleasure - anything in between 5 and 7 inches should work just fine. However, I could understand why some people would inappropriately correlate penis size to a measurement of manhood.

2) I think it depends on what a person is looking for when in the presence of a particular penis. What is it that they want from it, and/or the person? Then size is important. My honest answer to the question is No. Size doesn't make me feel better, nor does it satisfy my needs. Size is only important to those women that have allowed themselves to live in a shallow world with unsureness of self. Size counts for half of what a man with an average size penis can do, versus one with 12 inches.

3) The penis is the quarterback and I will be the receiver. When it goes long and deep: Touchdown!!! Play executed perfectly, but only if the penis knows how to stroke a pass. Praise be to the man that is equipped with the knowledge and skill of pleasing with ones "penis."

4) I think penis size is important to some degree, but mainly I think it's a matter of preference. I think it’s a misconception that the larger the penis, the greater the sex. Size is important to each person in the sense that the receiver/giver is seeking satisfaction, and when that is not achieved its a bummer. Isn't that essentially what we are seeking: to be satisfied in the bedroom. No matter the size. For me, it's not about the size, as much as it is about performance. So, if a man doesn't know how to utilize this tool, size goes out the window.

5) The size of a penis does matter because you want to be able to feel something during sex. Believe it or not, their are men whose penis looks like it stop growing at age 7 or 8. I really feel sorry for these men and encourage them to marry a virgin. To be more specific, it is not the length that matters, it is the girth that is really important.

6) When I was young I believed the HYPE, and yes I thought size did matter. Since I have been grown and allot more experienced in life. I have found that a man that is giving pleasure to a woman that wants to be pleasured; size does not matter...quality not quantity. "It feels good" does not mean as much as my feelings.

7) In the case of oral sex I believe the size of the penis comes into full play. I have only performed oral sex on my ex-husband, but I feel you have to have a certain size for the woman to maintain the quest of conquering the penis with her mouth. The penis has to be large enough that the mouth and throat can feel the depths of the penis penetrating through her whole body.

8) It's not about feeling better. It's about feeling at all. I gotta be able to feel you, at minimum. That's being considerate because... your penis needs to make me c*m. If I can't feel your penis, how will your penis make me c*m? No manner of motion in the ocean will help a small ship. It'll just make me seasick...


FREEDOM said...

If you truly love someone with all your heart, size is irrelevant. Regardless, of what the size of his penis is, it would not matter to me.

If I love him, I love everything about him, small penis and all, if that be the case. If this MAN can make me feel the love that he has for me by just speaking my name, I'm gone. I am willing to overlook whatever shortcomings he may have with the size of his penis.

As long as I can give him what he needs to feel satisfied when we make love and sometimes just bang. It is all about HIM!! Besides, it is his penis, and I do not want him to EVER feel that he is inadequate when it comes down to this area of his body.

My goal is to please him; therefore whatever it takes I am willing to do for him. This is where you can be creative in your relationship. I know he will please me in other ways if he cannot give me what I need from his penis.

Communication is key. You have to be able to articulate to your mate what you want/need, and what you feel you are not getting at home. Lack of communication can destroy a relationship, and cause one or both parties to step outside of their bond to find what it is they are missing sexually and mentally from their mate.

Muata said...

Fellow Blogger Freedom:

I hear you loud and clear. It is almost like you believe love conquers all. If you do that is a WONDERFUL belief. However, I must admit I believe this thing we call love has some conditions. One condition that I know MANY women deal with is men with small penises and men being unable to perform in the bedroom. This is definitely a strain on the relationships that I have been clued in on.

I think we need not down play this subject to "Love will sustain us". It might be the answer for some, but it is not for millions of couples.

Viagra, male penis enhancements, and all the other things some of us resort to is definitive reason to believe there is a male issue with penis size, lasting power, stamina, and performance.

You would not believe the efforts men put out there to be DA MAN.

When power is stripped, the ego is deficient and the spirit is weaken. What more can a black man do when this happens, but try to dominate and control by slinging his Johnson!


Muata said...

Reader Responses:

To have experienced all sizes, up to 12 inches. I think it's the small minded man that feels he has to believe that bull. In all actuality, GOD has the power over all. So, if a man wants to believe that because he does not have at least 8 inches, he is powerless, I feel sadness for that man. My smaller ones were with those men that have bigger minds and egos to overcome that stereotypical garbage.


I agree with that line of thought; and add that many who carry “the inches” are actually more reserved than the ones who do not and feel the need to overcompensate for the lack thereof.


For the real men I know and deal or have dealt with are bigger than their penis. They are adults inside and out... In my opinion, if the mind isn't as big mentally and intelligently as the penis, then for me, it's a total waste of time. Penis comes a dime a dozen.


FREEDOM said...

Freedom Responding to Fellow Blogger: Muata

I can only speak for myself, and ME alone. I do believe that TRUE LOVE is unconditional. God has shown me unconditional LOVE and I will do the same for my mate. I am not saying everyday will be perfect. However, I am saying that you must communicate with your mate. If your mate is not performing up to par in the bedroom talk to your mate about this. Seek a sex therapist. Exhausting all of your resources to have a viable sexual experience with your mate is worth the time and energy.

Remember, I stated that you should not insult your Man’s JOHNSON. Couples should talk opening to their mates about both parties performance in the bedroom, rather than just talking to their girlfriends or their boys. I am sure men have issues with woman not performing up to par in the bedroom as well. A relationship is hard work. Both parties have to be willing to put in the time, energy, resources, and allow your mate their individuality.

Men really need to express their feelings more. If you do not acknowledge that you have a problem; how can you effectively solve the issue? If a man has an issue with his penis that causes him to become POWERLESS, then he needs to seek counseling. The mind will hold you captive to your insecurities, disappointments, ego, and esteem issues if you allow it to. Being DA MAN is being able to effectively articulate your feelings honestly to your mate. Try it and experience REAL POWER !!

Muata said...

Reader Responses:

The commentary was very interesting. I do believe that the size of a man's Johnson AND his height has an effect on his self esteem. Is the size of the Johnson important???? In my opinion, it matters if it's extremely small or extremely large, bigger is NOT always better. If it's just average I guess the pleasure is dependent on the chemistry. –JM

I am not a size queen. I look to the inter-side and intellect. I am more the exception than the rule.

Askinstoo said...
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midnight moses said...

The only recognized study on penis size is the Kinsey report and they found no difference in black and white men's penis size. It isn't difficult to find out what the truth is. Join a gym and you will see there is no difference. By your logic African American men would have smaller penis size than Africans since African Americans have mixed heritage with Caucasians. Hey if it makes you feel better about yourself believe you have a huge dick, but we know the truth.

Lxi Me said...

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