Thursday, October 01, 2015

A Matter of LIFE

The Black Lives Matter Movement is another feigning fad generated by a distorted emotional response mostly from African Americans who either need a ‘cause’ or who fail to acknowledge the self-induced debaucheries that continue to haunt the black community. Furthermore, African Americans are not in a position of moral latitude to declare that Black Lives Matter. African Americans have proven time and time again that LIFE -the existence of an individual human being or animal- is of utmost importance only when the homo sapiens are with dark skin; primarily African American skin. Asian and Hispanic Americans are not covered by this unapologetic pronouncement, Black Lives Matter. Therefore, regulating this discriminatory effort to the memory of Sandra Bland, Forgotten.

Without any confusion, the African American community has not raised the banner of a Life Respected meaningfully, consistently, exclusively and/or reverently. A Life Respected is not a life taken by a stray bullet that was fired from the handgun of a black boy. A Life Respected is not a life that was cut short by a black man who kills another black man because the emotionally irresponsible black man lost his temper. A Life Respected is not a life poisoned by the black dope man’s heroin sales. A Life Respected is not the life incapacitated by a black man and woman’s rash decision to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion is another form of life liquidation embraced by black women disguised as Feminism.

Without any doubt, a Life Respected has not been a source of advocacy by the African American community in a long time. Black people with the precious label of US citizen are not in a moral locale to demand that a black life matters. More accurately, the African American community is in the position of a haunting ancestral condemnation. Ancestry acceptance has always been contingent on our ability to defy the power structure that harms us…to honor self and represent The Black Family with dignified behavior. We have not done that in the collective. No. We have not.

Behavior will not be approved by any governing or convening body when and if the behavior is a cancer within the body of the people that seeks recognition, respect, empathy and compassion.

The crimes we commit against each other ARE NOT black on black crimes. It is correctly defined as Love Lost. A love squandered by an unrelenting inability to self-restrain. A love frivolously applied to iniquities that are considered The New Normal. Consequently, black on black crime does not exist. Love for one another is fiercely vacated, rendering the African American community unworthy of acquiring compassion from those who do not look like them.

The majority population –like the African American population- does not care about the brutalized black female who is dehumanized by the black brute disguised as a Black Man. The majority population –like the African American population- does not care if a black teenager is beaten to death by one of his ‘boys’.

Thus, no one (none of the Movement mongers) gives a damn about the Totality of Humanity, Life. Why should a black life matter when the black rallying community does not convene to pay homage to our slain Latino brothers and sisters? Why should a black life matter when a black life taken by the hands of a black has proven to be by irrelevant?

She/he is just another Nigger dead. That’s the way it is.”

Is not this decision to prioritize value of life…add value to a life based on the urban zip code called


Muata Nowe 

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