Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The State of the Union Playground

Thought about something today while driving home from school.

The State of the Union...will I watch?

Why should I spend a hour watching grown people behavior like kids? Think about this analogy. Kids on the playground typical congregate with other kids who accept them...value them for who they are. They align themselves with like-minded individuals. It is extremely rare that a kid hangs out with kids who detest him/her. Rare!

On one side of the playground there is the Left group. Let's call them the Democrats. On another side of the playground there is the Right group...and they ALWAYS believe that they are RIGHT. Let's refer to them as the Republicans. There is also a 'fringe' group of children (Tea Party) in the far FAR corner of the playground playing. Next to the swing set on the playground there are the bleeding heart liberals. The Peace Corps types. To their right there are the Christian conservatives. They are so full of that damn Jesus with their 'Right and Wrong Mantra'. Then there are the level-minded kids...these are the most decisive of all the groups. They are standing together by they soccer field. We will tag them as Independents.

There will be the popular kid (President Obama) trying his best to rally the kids on the playground (in the Capitol Chamber). The popular kid is in the middle of the playground speaking. He may crack a joke - and the other kids aligned with him will breakout in laughter (stand and applaud) while the kids who don't like the popular kid will not laugh (remain seated).

This is the United States of America. A big ass Playground with kids.

Hell no I ain't watching. I will have to experience this immaturity tomorrow during recess   ------     BUT I will be among those who are suppose to be childish!

Muata Nowe 

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