Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear Malcolm

Dear Malcolm,

I write this letter to remind you of my allegiance to you...I share this moment with you to praise you for setting the example; for being a man when not many others would...I write this letter to pay homage to the legacy you left behind for us to revere - and sadly for some to distort. I share this moment with you to convey my respect, and to articulate my present thoughts/concerns.

In so many ways we need you, Malcolm. On the surface we appear to be doing quite well. Not sure if you have heard/been informed, the United States of America elected a black man to be president. Like you, I never thought this would be a reality. Not sure if you have heard/been informed, black men and women are CEO's of several major companies within the USA. Like you, I never thought this would be a reality.

We are doing quite well for ourselves bearing in mind we are considered by Jamie Fox to be "the most talented people in the world". Like you, I have always known that we were talented. Like you would have more than likely been- IRRITATED -when you hear/heard Mr. Fox's declaration over and over again while watching an African American ‘oriented’ television network. Yes, Malcolm we have a television station dedicated to our TV-watching pleasures and desires. There is even a news broadcast that focuses on our issues. Jamie Fox, the comedian, singer and actor made his pronouncement after receiving an award. An award that was given to him by the organization that you more than likely still consider to be a preposterous representation of the opposite of your thought process, Black Nationalism.

If I may, what are your thoughts on the comment, "black people are the most talented people in the world"? Like you, I have always believed, there is significance behind a man's words. Jamie's words have resounded with me over the past few weeks. Each and every time I hear the words, I conclude that Mr. Fox is referring to our talents that please the superficial senses of men/women. He is speaking of the African American's music, acting and athletic faculties. Not our intellectual dexterity/accolades. Like you are probably, I am offended by his words. What about our accomplishments in the areas of math and science. Why do we have to be the talented entertainers...the porch monkeys?

Perhaps, Jamie Fox was in the moment. Not really thinking about what we should be celebrating during Black History Month.

I am not certain - but I know one thing - you are wondering when we will heed to your words...when will we finally utilize our bents to build a nation within a nation like our Asian, Latino and African brothers and sisters?

Brother Malcolm, you are missed - and on this day of acknowledgement of your brutal assassination I come to you in remembrance...remembering what you believed:

The Black Man/Woman will never be respected until we prove to the world that we are more than entertainers...until we reclaim our remarkable heritage...until we stop killing each other like those black men killed you on this dreadful day, February 21, 1965.

Remembering you in word and photo,

Muata Nowe

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