Monday, August 20, 2012

Expecting Nothing with Being Flynn

I have become what I am not. Life does that to people when their life becomes opposite of what was supposed to be.

All the plans...all the hopes and dreams are diminished when one gives up. When life evolves in a vacuum. We are viciously sucked in. Trapped we become; not knowing what the future will bring.

It is the unknown that becomes front and center. That moment is our reflection. We see ourselves for what we are...Human we are. We are Vessels of Attachment. Insecurity and weakness are predominant characteristics of our identification.

Then as we enter the maturation of never returning, we wake-up - not anew but numb. We see the complexity of what we have created and accepted. We are labels...descriptions needing prescriptions while knowing full well that we have become what the world needs...Broken Men and Women Leading Destructive Lives. Therefore, passing on the shattered pieces of infection. Infecting all those around us.

We are contagions seeking medication for spiritual cleansing. We are faithfully filthy...covered in what we are not: Faithful.

The spirit of man/woman is littered...plagued by frantic fear and anxious uneasiness. We are unsettled with our wants and desires. We are in need of a fix that has proven time after time to be temporary. We prefer it this way because our sophistication wants drama. The erudition breeds negativity that can be tamed - but yet again we are what we are...Human…Who-man. The who is what we see in vice reflection. Vices should be used to see ourselves, not utilized to glamorize personality.

We see and be the flesh, and not the souls that long for worthwhile attention and nurturing validation. On the contrary, we fake through life asking not only ourselves - but others: Am I good enough?

We are desperate for the social confirmation...we beg our hearts to change ourselves, never realizing that we are what we are because of choice incorporation and secular conditioning.

In the end –and only in the final days- we look back over life hoping and even praying to be Worthy.

What is your worth?

Worth is what makes us smile. So, go ahead – and smile. See yourself as what you were to become during your creation. You...we are there. We have become the fate that was built by expectation. Leaving us with the concluding question before our Ending Exhale: Are we Human or Who-man? Who-man is the question we should not ask. Asking, Who-man? -  demonstrates that we have questions about what and who we are...don’t be uncertain…

Who are you?

Live on…! Be what you are not. Because when the trumpet sounds that one last time, you will be left with one choice: Shall I live or continue to be dead?

If you choose to live be prepared for one huge storm. If you select to be deceased expect...nothing!

I expect...Nothing.

-Muata Nowe after ending a day with the movie, Being Flynn.

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