Monday, May 21, 2012

Homosexual relationships are most often viewed in the context of sex ONLY. No wonder some people WRONGFULLY characterize homosexuality as sexually deviant behavior. Heterosexual relationships are seen as natural examples of LOVE. If I were gay I would find this disturbing and insulting. The heterosexual community has 'cornered' homosexuality with sex as if gay relationships are ONLY about sex. This shallow approach is not taken with the straight community. Nope...but this is not anything new: Most human behavior that's not considered the norm is demonized. Hell, people of color have been demonized! Yet, the Demonizers are the men and women who participate in the so-called homosexual sex acts! Almost as hypocritical as the Slave Master having sex with the black female slaves...#HypocrisyIstheRootofTheHate#

Muata Nowe 

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