Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Claus is a Black Man and Jesus was a Brother Too

This time of the year brings on so much anxious anticipation. At one time in my life I was definitely not a Christmas celebrating type of guy. My children somewhat changed that. Being an uncle altered that too. Now, I am Santa Claus and Mr. Holiday Season Interior Decorator. Christmas infiltrates my home every year! All in all, I am of joyous spirit when the world celebrates the hypothetical birth of Jesus the Christ. Again…documentation supports that Jesus was not born in December! That’s if you believe Jesus was birthed…

Another truth, ain’t no overweight white man with a white beard flying around giving out toys. One last truth, Jesus and all his biblical confidants and antagonists were not Caucasian. Thankfully, my son, Bryce Emani, does not have to see images of a white Jesus every single day. His preschool does not encourage that pervasive mind-controlling fib. His mother and I found an academic institution that purports datum’s.
Bryce’s first bible has the image above on the cover. His classroom is strategically adorned with similar photographs and posters. Every inch of wall space is a reminder of the unabashed truth. I am so pleased that he does not have to grow-up seeing the lies I saw day in and day out. Instead, Bryce is colorfully adding to the truth with 
The Eurocentric message of Christianity is one that I have always taken issue with – but of late…over the past six years I have grown to embrace the moral and social tenets of what has been labeled a Gutter Religion. The ‘unbelievables’ are of no consequence to me any longer. I do vehemently reject the mis-directives that have shackled the minds of countless people e.g. Jesus walked on water, Moses parted the Red Sea, Jonah survived in the belly of a whale, Noah erected an ark, Moses magically turned a walking stick into a snake, etc. I do however; spend a lot of time brazenly sharing my understanding of biblical allegories and prophecy in a theological context. A rebellious framework that has often times been tagged as aggressively confrontational and hatefully insensitive. Nonetheless, Christianity with its remarkable brainwashing e.g.
has created an environment that encourages extreme criticism and merciless exposing…

From Africa to the Pacific Islands the human mind has been a playground for European trickery and domination. In every way possible the suspiciously identified as Pale Face by Native Americans has manipulated the masses in an effort to whitewash significant elements of humanity. Even the skin complexion of ole Saint Nick has been used to strangle intelligence. Again, ain’t no overweight white man with a white beard flying around giving out toys.
Some actually believe that this ‘white lie’ is not harmful to a maturing psyche. It is! When everything from Santa Claus to Jesus is white, a significant and unwarranted amount of adulation is gained on false pretense. No white person can fathom the spiritual and cerebral impairment this has caused people of color. Along with the lie’s persistency is the white childrearing ego boost, ‘White is Right…White is Immaculate.’ By strategic design intentional and unintentional the white child grows up in a universal environment that projects superiority. White people consciously and subconsciously believe their race is beyond reproach…Better. The same belief is within the black race once the black person stumbles upon Enlightenment…the only difference: White people have the COLLECTIVE power of green, the dollar! 

The amazing solidification of The Lie has intensified the lowering of self-concept. This leaving black and brown people in an enslaved state of mind socially and religiously,
The religious dynamic –in my estimation- is the most destructive force within black culture. Unfortunately, one of our first leaders, the black preacher (male and female), are the present day wolves in expensive and flamboyant sheep attire leading The Wandering Hebrews of today, 
We ALWAYS Praying…
But, My Bryce…the youngest of my Menschen…will not be fooled or addicted to superficial prayer. Daddy makes sure of that! It starts at home,

“Bryce, pray for the less fortunate, not for yourself. Also, Jesus is black…Santa Claus is black. See…LOOK Bryce”,
Muata Nowe  

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