Thursday, November 10, 2011

Waiting for Notification…but do I really want the Notification?

You wake-up every morning wanting it to be different from the other mornings:

See an email notification in your Inbox that's promising...a job that meets your skillset and experience.

You spend part of your day hoping your cell phone rings...rings with good news, not a Christian’s Good News (‘Hang in there at least you are living.’) Although appreciated…but:

A hiring manager on the other end preparing to invite you in for an interview.

You spend another part of your day praying that you will receive an invitation to interview via electronic message:

'We are pleased with your resume. We would like to invite you in for an interview. Is Monday, the 15th at 9:30AM good for you? Please respond via email. 

Waiting on that Notification can be extremely nerve-racking. So much is consumed in the notification: self-esteem, self-value, recognition, education/experience acknowledgement, and bill paying preoccupation. Waiting for Notification is nothing like the wait a sexually active person experiences after a HIV/AIDS screening…please get tested:

All the unemployed desire/want is some level of 'outside' empowerment. It helps when we, the nation’s 14 million unemployed, are acknowledged. All the unemployed want is a job! It would be great if the job was within the professional scope of his/her background. If not, a job outside of the resume scope will suffice e.g. day labor, raking leaves, trash pick-up. Most of us are not above what is deemed as ‘demeaning jobs’. A job…any job builds confidence and self-worth. It helps the one who has endured a lengthy unemployment period to massage their ego. Unfortunately, we –the United States of America- have created an environment where our identities are attached to our work. I say 'unfortunate' because in the throes of unemployment we –the job hunters- are desperately seeking 

NOTIFICATION. We live to work, and not live!

Notification is what I received a month ago. Thanks to President Obama, EUC will benefit me. Emergency Unemployment Compensation was extended by President Obama earlier this year. I am thankful for the extension…guess my vote was with purpose! That’s about all I have received from my constitutional right. A right that many ignore. One time in my life I would ridicule those who do not vote – but of late (the past 3yrs) I have changed my tune…simply put, voting in a federal election does not make sense considering the deciding factor is usually the Electoral College. Nonetheless, I will vote again with annoyed trepidation. 

I need EUC…which is tagged as a handout by many Republicans considering I linger in employment uncertainty. Well, I am backstroking outside of my training…I do whatever it takes to make the ends meet - and with this new survival motivation that stems from my need to make money, I must admit that I am thankful that I am experiencing Unemployment at this stage in my life…it is another joyful opportunity to experience Humility and build Dignity. 

My ancestors picked cotton so that I could acquire the White Man’s prerequisites! Don’t be fooled everything that people of color reach for is what the pilgrim’s descendants approved. 

The task now is to keep mine eyes on the prize. I must not get too content. I must not stop searching for a job that will provide health insurance for my boys. I must not become lazy. Shiftless. A deadbeat. A societal burden. And, believe me it is relatively easy to fall into that pitiful place:

To NOT Wait for Notification

EUC in some ways is a double edge sword. On one end the unemployed need the extension to survive and on the other end the unemployed can become mighty comfortable for two years doing nothing to get back into the workforce. Nada! I am at ease - but not so comfy that I do not rise each day hoping for NOTIFICATION.

 So tempting…EVERY Morning

However, I must confess that it is quite enticing to just roll over and play with myself…it is safer too!
It is also easy to collect a check each week, to not have to worry about anyone from the Dept of Labor checking up on me, to not participate in any of the mandatory trainings/classes that the Dept of Labor indicated the unemployed would have to, and to never go back to the Dept of Labor for anything. All we –the unemployed- have to do is communicate with…well not communicate but listen to a voice automated system and press the right buttons on a smartphone. 

Automation Made Easy...just like today's Unemployment made easy by the United States Government…the government has no other choice…There be no jobs out der!
Muata Nowe

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