Tuesday, October 04, 2011

God's Favoritism


Amanda Knox is coming home NOT GUILTY…

The two American hikers jailed in Iran for breaking the law were set free… 

Troy Davis was legally killed by the state of Georgia… 

I am certain many prayers were sent up on behalf of all…but Troy's worldly body is food for the maggots! Just ain’t right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a black life worth…divinely? I have said time and time again that God must have major issues with people of color…the dark people of the world. Just glance back over the history of the world. And, don’t say that I am blaming God for man’s injustices. I am stating a fact. Conduct the research…God does not like black/dark skin people.

Say it ain’t so!

Does God have it in for black/dark skin people?

And some say that we (black/dark) people reverence/adore this God the most...????

Muata Nowe

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