Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nothing wrong with Ignorance - but Fools are made via Ignorance

*Note the pole the slave is tied to in the picture...the pole is a cross*

Slippers, Switches and Belts: Understanding Black Folks loyalty to and love of Corporal Punishment

The glorification of BEATING our kids is nothing short of a slave mentality. Many will claim that 'beating' our kids is necessary to instill some level of discipline. However, after the 'beating' - what remains? An emotionally devastated child who continues the same behavior with siblings, pets, and eventually their children. I tag the mentality as slave because black Americans are passing on behavior that intensified on North America soil. I am certain Africans used physical discipline to rectify behavior pre European occupation - but I am even more certain that the BEATINGS became common place to create fear from acting out: escape from the bonds of slavery. It is a continuation of learned behavior. African Americas are good for saying/believing 'beatings' are necessary. Listen to a black person describe a brutal whooping. It is convey with a sadistic level of pride. I challenge these men/women who beat and not correctively spank by asking: 'Who leads the USA in viciousness against each other? We know the answer. Yes, some level of corporal punishment can be healthy – but a BEATING is a dreadful act of desperation and possibly abuse. Time-outs work! Those of you who think and believe that time-outs are “European disciple” are asinine. If it works why not utilize it? Dismissing it because of its origination is stupid. Sorry - but African Americans have a lot to learn from not only white people but from men and women around the globe. And, for you Christians who believe you are supported by ANCIENT scripture (Proverbs 13:24), please keep in mind that scripture is not the inherent word of God. If it is, go to your local hospital, enter the baby ward, steal an infant, and then proceed to suffocate the baby. God supposedly (as the bible states) sanctioned the killings of babies too…Nothing wrong with ignorance - but fools are made via ignorance.

Muata Nowe

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