Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Day I Will Never Forget

January 20, 2009 is a day that I will NEVER forget. How can I? The descendants of America’s forefathers had to literally bow down to what their forefathers considered to be the least of God’s creation: a Black Man. The species that has been coined spook, monkey, beast, and all sorts of derogatory labels. But, not today. It is/was Mr. President!

After 12 noon today President Obama was greeted by America’s service men and women with a salute, and in some settings the masses will NOW have to stand up when President Obama enters the room. Who would have ever thought a black man who is not a black athlete would ever garner such RESPECT. Unbelievable!

While I am not one to gloat, it felt great to be on the winning end of this one. To see former President Bush humbled when Barack Obama basically admonish the past eight year administration was a glorious moment. Not only did it hopefully begin to rectify the past transgressions of the United States, it set the tone for a New Day with the world’s population.
We BELIEVED! The black man’s ancestor’s BELIEVED. The moment is here! Let’s do something with this remarkable accomplishment for those who died so today could be!

Praise Him!

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by:
"Black Boy, a black man will never be president." -Frankie Lulu Payne
Grandma, you were wrong.
Wishing you were here!


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Is that you brother Brian with a new perspective on Obama?
I am glad to hear this from you....
Also I am glad you finally believe.
Yes we DID!
Best regards man.


Muata said...

Muata responds to O:

I have always been a fan. Just a big critic of him and all of this government.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Y critic? What was your opinion of him before?


Muata said...

Muata responds to TM:

My criticism is rooted in an anti-US government disposition. I believe Barack Obama is a part of a system that can care less about people of color and the poor. However, he just may be the man to pump a little change into the destructive system. Time will tell.

President Obama, as a man, is remarkable! I man of dignity. I just pray he does not become a part of the establishment. The establishment (business as usual) he convinced us to rebuke.

But, lets all be honest here: He is a politician. A damn good one: Say what needs to be said then hit us with the reality talk.

All in all, President Obama is GREAT for this nation.


Muata said...

Tm Responds to Muata:

I truly understand what you mean, in the hierarchy of corruption. I look forward to a positive, untraditional, proactive, & new administration. These are some things that makes me feel that he's going to be victorious. (1) he's digital & tech savvy (2) his parents are deceased (3) he knows the essence of a struggle (4) he's a person that may not have experience doing something, but he will work tirelessly until he succeeds (5) when droves of people are drawn to you this way & you stir their souls, it's not a lie (6) he is willing to embrace new concepts even if they supercede the contracts & proposals that already exist...etc

His timing is impeccable: our race needs him, our country needs him, and the world needs him because the world depends on the United States.

I hope that his administration is impeccable, too.


Muata said...

Muata responds to TM:

I am not trying to drag this out to be combative.

"(5) when droves of people are drawn to you this way & you stir their souls, it's not a lie."

This nation has been here before. Several men and women have stirred souls in the past. It happens each and every Sunday in most of our churches too. Nonetheless, too many of those who get or who have gotten all fired-up lived in that moment of time, and decided not to do anything to advance 'the cause' or help themselves. The soul shaking was enough for them.

I am not trying to be a rain cloud - but history so often repeats itself.

Typically, I try to only use the bible to support a few of my points here and there:

The story of Moses and the Hebrews

is reflective of today. We have a strong leader leading the masses in to a 'promise land' (a new era). The people are excited like the Hebrews when they where in Exodus mode. But, something happen. The people got impatient. They were not willing to do anything for themselves. In the end, they dissed their leader. That act alone set them back.

Pray with me that this story does not 'resurface'. Repeat.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Its great that you have a cautious eye on the hope that has been inspired by our good brother and President.

I was not overly impressed with Barack when he gave his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. It wasn't until I had the opportunity to see and hear him speak on the Oprah show prior to deciding to throw his hat in the ring to run for the Presidency that I realized that there was/is something special about this individual.

I second the sentiments shared by Twanda, and add that there is something distinctly different about this individual. Yes, he is a great politician, but beyond that he is an even greater, humble, and spirited individual. He understands and has communicated the message which indicates that it is not about him, but it is about the people that he serves to make the differences that are needed in America and around the World. He has, and will continue to call on the masses to do their part in making this country and the world a better place for all. He has reached out the olive branch to all that are in search of true peace to come to the table (bar non).

I appreciate and respect your caution and say to you that time will be the arbitrator of his effectiveness. My soul tells me that he will serve his purpose righteously....., the bigger question is whether we will serve ours as you have alluded to in your Biblical example!

I predict that when it is all said and done, that President Obama will not be noted for being the first US President of African lineage, but he will be known for changing how politics are conducted in America. This politician is cut from a different cloth! Its time that "we the people" find that well spun thread to weave it all back together again.



Muata said...

Reader Response:

He is an excellent personal strategist.. (He is able to get himself elected) I do not know enough of his ability to effect real social change through politics on a mass scale (Is he able to lift others) to be as excited as my peers.. nor do I have enough faith in the Presidential title held by a black face (or competent white one for that matter) to feel a sense of hope...

I am quite dispassionate about this..

I think he's a handsome guy who, if the level headedness and balance he projects turns out to improve the lives of black people in particular, I will then feel a sense of emotion...

I'm too cynical of human beings and American in particular to become moved without proof...

that said.. this does not prevent me from recognizing the importance of a Black President being important for others...

For me I want to know not only that he can skillfully capture the hope of many but that he has the best ideas in his head AND is capable of implementing them... which is yet to be seen.. but worth giving him the time, patience and support to achieve..

I do breathe a sigh of relief that his rise (and that of his family) has served to challenge the long held image of black incompetence.. immorality... and lack of class/grace that has been proffered to the national/international public as THE image of black people...



Muata said...

Reader Response:

I agree! To think the President of these United States(that term actually feels true now) is the descendant of the people who were stolen from their lands and forced to build those very same momuments he stood before is still too much for me to wrap my head around.

I was there, and I truely felt the unity in the crowd. Everyone was kind, polite, helpful, and patient with one another in a way I'd never seen before. And we don't just have Obama to thank for it. We have to thank G Dub for being such a f*ck up that he made this moment possible! Thanks Dubya!


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Grace & Peace Bison!

I think I am agreeably somewhere betwixt all of you.

I was encouraged by OUR BROTHER, President Obama standing as the first man of African descent (most accurately described using conventional/prototypical racial typology, he is a Kenyan American - the offspring of a Kenyan citizen and an Anglo American). Not since George Washington yielded his title and power in Philadelphia has the democratic experiment called the USA been tested as much as yesterday's transfer of power.

I am grateful to have actually been on the Mall to see and hear it with my own eyes and ears. For that I am grateful and cautiously expectant (NOT HOPEFUL) concerning the prospects of America ever making good on what has heretofore been an unkept promise to people of African descent who didn't volunteer to get here (that to me would be fundamental to what Obama made biblical allusion to with his statement about 'putting away childish things').

That said, the tacitly racist conversations to which I have been privy both before and since yesterday remind me that way too much is being made of his presidency - mostly by anglo peoples and the media.

Racism (de facto, de jure, or otherwise) did not die - or even skip a beat yesterday. It has not lost its sting, and the daily reminder its many victories (and our many victims) of death by racism from the many dreams, potential and purpose in the lives it has conquered, domesticated and killed still goes unchecked.

To wit, brothers are still just as guilty of DWB (driving while black). Black people guilty of crack cocaine possession are still prosecuted of a federal offense (and will lose the right to vote and most other aspects of their citizenship), while cocaine possession can be (depending on your color and class) dismissed as a misdemeanor with community service (see you at the next Republican caucus DUDE!).

To be clear, EVIL did not lose yesterday - not even a battle let alone the war. GOOD, however may have gained an ally for its militia - at least for what may prove to be an ominous and kairepic battle of epic proportions yet to be fought.

I don't think I am alone when I say that I actually think that his election and presidency will be used against Afro Americans. Every mixed conversation I have had thus far has contained this sentiment in forthright language (what are y'all gonna complain about now?, there are no more excuses for y'all to use after today (yesterday) et al)

Like the rest of us, I am going to keep doing my part. The struggle continues. Hopefully, we have and will continue to find President Obama to be an ally not for not just us - but for JUSTICE.


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