Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Getting Trampled on the Blackest of Days

I am trying to wrap my brain around this tragedy. Here we (America) are in a financial crisis that contributed to a worldwide economic alert, and a recently announced recession – but yet there were 2,000 people waiting in line to get the Early Bird deals at a Wal-Mart on what retailers have coined as Black Friday. With mass job lost, company closings, record foreclosures, and sky-high credit card debt Americans still flooded the stores to purchase Japanese made electronics.

How could this day get any blacker? A man was killed by what some Wal-mart employees are calling “savages”. To be referred to as a “savage” means the individuals conducting themselves in that manner had to be behaving in the worst of ways. Right? All for a Vizio flat screen or a violent video game. I can believe it! This is America.

The supporters of America are saying with a smirk that stampedes occur all around the world. Yes, they do. However, the international stampedes I am familiar with happen for different reasons. Typically, people in a poor African or Asian country trample each other to get to food that an American cargo plane drops from the sky. This is what they (the hungry) are fighting for: The next meal. While we (Dumb Americans) get up at 3:00am, drive to the local superstore, sit in an expensive lounge chair eating salty country ham biscuits, and then at 4:59AM we position ourselves to participate in a steeple chase-type shopping extravaganza.

What type of sense does this make considering Americans by all accounts are struggling to make ends meet? I guess the ends met for a day?

As I viewed the video footage of the EMS workers trying to resuscitate Jdimytai Damour ‘it’ came to me:

America will not under any circumstances learn from this awful occurrence.

I know this because the steeple chasers were still in the starting blocks ready to enter the building without regard for Mr. Damour after he was man slaughtered.

I wonder if Jdimytai Damour recently arrived to the United States seeking a better life? I ask because his name is definitely non-American. Just trying to put 2 and 2 together. If he was a newly arrived documented immigrant he surely got introduced to our American ‘priorities’. Didn’t he?


Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by a disgusting reality.


Muata said...

Response from another website:

Just reflects the reality of America in this era. Generally speaking, things are given more priority than human spirits (& the tents (bodies) in which we reside during this earthly journey). How else would you possibly explain the various things that are so readily observable in America?

*Probably half of American citizens have inadequate or NO health insurance,
*The numbers of Americans who are under-employed OR unemployed has been ridiculously high FOR YEARS,
*State governments & city municipalities rather build multi-million $$ sports facilities, re-surface roads & highways that were just fine to begin with, & build spaghetti-maze highway on/off-ramp projects than to feed hungry people or help them obtain career training so that citizens can improve their lives & achieve greater self-sufficiency,
*Inadequate numbers of non-profit, ministry, & para-church organizations around the country provide practical forms of help & counsel to needy citizens,
*and the examples go on & on...

For a few years, I've felt this way:
If you attempt to treat me any ole' way all during the year & show minimal concern for how I'm doing in my day-to-day life, then don't even bother attempting to get a so-called Christmas present for me. Just keep it. I'll take a pass on that kinda so-called love.

We aired this Wal-Mart story the day it occurred (at the Washington, DC radio station that I'm currently affiliated with). I would have been surprised about the non-compassionate (almost animal like) behavior that some people can display (that is if I had not already experienced almost being run over in the crosswalk by impatient automobile drivers - while I had the pedestrian right-of-way - AND in the midst of Thanksgiving/Christmas seasons past). The reality is that many Americans are self-absorbed fools.


Muata said...

Response from another website:

This is absolutely ridiculous. That's why I didn't even bother to take advantage of "Black Friday" because it really makes no sense. It's sad that in this case, it really was a black Friday. What is the world coming to? Are people that hard up for a so-called bargain?


Muata said...

Response from another website:



America is in hell.


What? But, I can believe this!


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sad man is all i can say - materialism