Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama’s Blackness Resurrected

I have always enjoyed being black. Some will say that I hate the color that I share with Barack Obama – but I will fight until death to prove that I am a lover of my blackness. Why wouldn’t I love the skin I live in? It is certainly what that 70’s slogan promotes: Beautiful! However, on occasion I have been mildly embarrassed while in this rich dark chocolate pigment. Why wouldn’t I considering the ridiculous behavior shared with the world by the likes of everyday black folk and black people of superstar status like Pacman Jones. There are many more I can list who have had me hiding under my desk at work. So many! Consequently, there are countless black men and women who have me walking around with my chest puffed-out and my head held high. Like this BEAUTIFUL young black man (click on name):

Dalton Sherman

Barack Obama is perfect example also. He is everything that exemplifies BEAUTY. Intelligent: Graduated from Harvard. A hard working man: Dedicated his life to service. Inspiring: Draws huge crowds. Articulate: He is a master of the English language and uses it in a way to MOVE the crowd. A parent: Raising two attractive young black girls. Married: A great husband. In a nutshell, Barack Obama has become the American Dream. He has secured it with grace, integrity, humility, and with patience.

But, there is one thing that lingers and typically not associated with the American Dream: He is BLACK.

Last week the entire world was reminded that he carries a stigma. A nasty trait. A defect. He is a black man in America. With all his accolades and accomplishments he will be a Spook in the White House. Yes, this is what he is to millions of white people in the Great United States. Not just the red states either! The stinking corpse-like conscious of America is in every corner of this failing country. Are you surprised by this:

We (black folk) should not have expected anything different. As soon as the losers (Republican Party and their pathetic followers) finally accepted that they are about to take a L (Barack will win – but they will find a way to steal and cheat again) they decided to send a hate-filled reminder to Barack, his loyal white followers, and the rest of the world that he is BLACK. That dreaded and seldom used crayon: “That one”. ‘That one” is typically reserved for describing the unwanted. The useless item or being. Right?

Even in my disdain for this expected behavior from angry John McCain, hollow-head Sarah Palin, and the sell-out for a black man who begged McCain to “stick it to him (Barack)” I concluded a long time ago that Barack Obama would eventually be reattached to his blackness in the late stages of the campaign. What other flaw does he possess at this late stage that sticks? The gorilla in the room (racism) never did go to sleep!!

Nonetheless, with my Black Power disposition, the most disappointing action made by Barack was his decision to somewhat distance himself from his darkness: Black People. Regardless, of what we want to believe we all know Barack Obama was forced to diss black people. He never ‘pandered’ to us. He went to a black church and told white America that black men are dead beats in so many words. Then he tragically disowned and disavowed his pastor of 20 years.

Now, before I get blasted, consider the truth:

He had to do it. It was a must to not appear sympathetic to the black community. No one white likes someone who truly loves black people and who would die for them e.g. Farrakhan, Sharpton, etc. If Obama showed the slightest concern for the black hosiery mill worker he would have been labeled that Russian term: Chyórniy.

Isn’t that ironic? Here is a black man who has done what they (most of white America) wanted so that he could get elected president of this God Awful Country, and now he is what (the color black in countless languages):


In the past few days Barack’s campaign had to air an ad that reinforced his white heritage to appease these back-wood zealots. I guess being part white helps. Isn’t that something?

I really want to ask, who da fool? But, I do realize that question is inappropriate, and probably does not make any sense at the moment considering the election has not occurred. Nevertheless, it is a question Jeremiah Wright and some Black Power heroes are asking and prefacing before they conclude with:

‘I told you so, Barack Obama. They, at their core, hate you because you are black. No other reason. You had to know that abandoning your race was a prerequisite? Or, are you still hoping that you will not be connected to what you are to them?’

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by my prayer:

Dear Lord, regardless of Barack’s skin tone please help those plagued with hatred to see Barack Obama as what he is, The Change We Need. We are counting on you, Jehovah.


Muata said...
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Muata said...

Reader Response:

my theory on the evolution of barack obama -

he started this race as a black man, after the primaries some europeans were willing to call him half-white. after he takes office and does a good job, he will be a white man with a deep tan! :-)

as for rev. wright - i think he threw barack under the bus first!!!!! :-)


Muata said...

Muata Responds to SM:

But for now he is every bit of a black person. Their hatred of black is taking over their spirit. A spirit that was full of hate anyway.

You know that these white supporters of Barack don't see him as black? They see him as different. "You are not like THEM." I am sure he got that a lot while at Harvard.

Wright was being himself. Barack fell in love with who Wright has always been - but when wright was noticed as the radical uncle, Barack like a weak politician disowned a man he knew and adored for 20yrs. And, all for the sake of leading a country headed to hell. It will not be worth it when it is said and done. America is done! No recovery. I am leaving!! LOL!

In the end, Obama is a N-word to most of these white folk. They will soon leave his side while we (blacks) will stay with him. In some cases, blacks will ride with another black until death. Some white people can't be and should not be trusted! (blacks too) They jump ship!


Muata said...

SM responds to Muata:

wow! i thought i was militant!

Muata said...

Reader Response:

Thank you so much for that clip. That young man inspired me so much; I had to forward it to my oldest daugther and watched it twice with to my yougest daugther. I'm at a total loss for words...WOW!


Muata said...

Reader AE shares an article:

Interesting article. Obama has to be everthing to everybody, all the time.,8599,1850263-1,00.html

Muata said...

Reader Response:

hmmm, Brian I think you make some strong points that represent the views of many Blacks. However, as you've acknowledged, we understand why Obama has conducted himself in the way that he has, with regard to the Black community. Let's face it, the 400 pound gorilla (racism) in the room has the microphone now, and in many cases we see it's lips moving, but don't hear a word being said, because the gorilla has been trumped by a economic elephant. That's not a black issue or a white issue, it's an American issue. I'm not at all put off by Obama's perceived lack of interest in Blacks and their issues for the same reasons that you've established below. However, we all know that the agenda that Obama has proposed does indeed help Blacks. Arguably, his propsals disproportionally benefit Blacks/minorities, if you consider percentage of Blacks/Minorities who makes up the "poor, working class".

I say to all of those people who are hurting because Obama appears to have "snubbed" Blacks, GO VOTE!!! Then you can hold him accountable.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

Awesome commentary. I felt proud last week when I cast my vote for Obama. Reminds me of the stanza:

Stony the road we trod, bitter the chastening rod,
Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;
Yet with a steady beat, have not our weary feet,
Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?

When Obama is elected - we will be at that place!!


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yo his wgite granny made sure he would always know folk