Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Hate that will Not Go Away

A few months ago during a diversity training, I listened to an Indian woman explain why several of her friends are planning to return to India ASAP. Basically, her friends who have daughters are allegedly terrified by how the Hip-Hop culture has infiltrated their homes. Even with parental control guides placed on their televisions to prevent and/or control the amount of BET and MTV their children watch, they have found it increasing difficult to steer their impressionable teenage children from "urban-ness" and from downloading Lil Wayne’s latest compact disc. So, the answer is to take their American born children back to where they, the parents, came from.

As I sat there speechless and somewhat surprised by the move. Literally. I got offended - but then I started to think: 'These Indian men and women are doing what they believe to be best for their precious young ladies.' But, I did decide to question & push the issue - and after a little uncomfortable silence here is what the gorgeous Indian woman revealed to the group:

"Many of us are very concerned that our girls will marry outside of the ethic group. We want them to have Indian husbands. However, this American culture is encouraging relations outside of the race in some regards. So, we have decided to ensure that they do not get tangled-up in this thing. May sound silly and drastic, but in our culture you are to marry Indian; and not white, black, or Hispanic. And, we are discovering that are girls are interested in the saggy paint wearing black boys because of rap music influence." (No lie!)

The truth was in the air. There it was! My offense increased just a tidbit. Wow! The power of Young Jeezy. So much for, “once you go black you never go back”. Now it is, ‘hear a rap lyric and you are hooked!’

A consequence of an Indian man getting whipped by the black candy box, and unable to “go back”:

Just recently down here in the Mecca where we blacks live around blacks and whites live among whites (self-induced segregation in Lithonia and Sandy Springs), an elderly evil-filled Indian man paid two BLACK men $10,000 to kill a BLACK woman. His daughter-in-law.


This man some are calling a hateful racist claims that his son was "bringing down the families stock". Well, I guess the stock is profitable, worth a lot, etc. It has to be for a 68 year old man to take such disgusting measures.

I actually can believe that something like this could happen considering the seriousness placed on not 'polluting' the Indian race. I also find it non-surprising because hatred and racism still runs deep in the United States. It does not matter what mixed race man is running for President, and believes he is ‘uniting the races’. Race relations is STILL America's number one problem, and will remain until some white people change their hearts - not their votes! And, when some black people stop pretending that they are not racist too.

Concluding now.

What is to be said about the two blood brothers who accepted $10,000 from the Indian hate-monger to kill their sista from a long line of African queens? This woman could have been a distant relative. Her great-great grandparents could have traveled to what is now the United States in the gut of a slave ship with their great-great grandparents. They could have worked together picking tobacco on a salve compound in Virginia. But, this did not mean a thing to these takers of life and morally unconnected fools. They took a life for a little change. Can you believe that? Somewhere down the long line of ancestry those brutal killers who choked and stabbed to death Sparkle in front of her daughter could have been her cousins.

So, I ask:

Who really possesses the most hate? The ruthless Indian killer or the African American killers?

Written by Muata. Inspired by the hatred that will not go away.


Muata said...

Muata adds more:

What this Indian man did was cruel. It was unnecessary, and what I am about to type does not dismiss his actions. However, he did something he thought was right. No matter how bad it was, he thought he was doing the right thing to protect his family. His people. Protect them from mix breeding. That sounds so shallow, and it is to a degree - but what can we say about the two black men who killed Sparkle and damaged her daughters psyche for life? Did they do the killing to protect anything? For a reason that they can link to purpose? No! They did it for money. Both got $5000. Stupid, and they are the ones who possessed the most hate in my mind. Hate for their culture and race. At least this maniac for a man (the 68yr old) can stand up and say, 'I was wrong. Nonetheless, I did what I did to secure and maintain the honor my people's heritage.' By the way, this has been occurring for years in several ethnic groups. Right or wrong, in the end it can be said that he had a 'legitimate purpose'. And, yes in my mind he was wrong and evil! But, isn't obvious that we (black folk) hate each other so much that we will kill for nothing? Can't deny that. Who killed who in your city last week?


FREEDOM said...

I co-sign your above statement. You articulated my thoughts exactly!

Muata said...

Reader EJ Responds to my additional statement:

Are you serious? I believe you are just trying to get someone to respond now. Are you rationalizing what the Indian man did....and putting the "blame" on the black men? If I were to entertain that ignorant thought you threw out.....I would argue the black men had to feed there family and couldn't get a job, so they killed her for some quick cash. Now how stupid does that sound? Just as stupid as you making excuses for the Indian man. You really do have some self-hatred issues.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to EJ:

Whatever. You have no argument whatsoever. No counterpoint at all. But, that I hate myself. NO ONE out of 555 people on my email list says that I am "ignorant". Not one person ever-but you. Think about that! Not one in 2yrs! That's all you have. Ignorant?? You sound like whack Barack Obma: same ole same ole chatter. Hate myself. No, those idiots who took the money to kill a black lady hate themselves. You always fall for the bait with the same thing: hate myself??? I can't stop laughing. Throw something out there that sparks thought. Saying I hate myself is like saying santa claus is black. The numbers do not lie: your people rob, steal, and kill each other at an alarming rate. I wish some white man had the balls to say what I say about black people and how we destroy each other. Then I bet you any amount of dollars that we will listen. No, I forgot, we will get offended by the truth. It hurts, doesn't it? Btw, I condemned the evil Indian man - but I would not be surprised if you take up for those black men. You always come to the defense of our ignorance and foolishness. I guess the white man made them do it???


Muata said...

Reader EFJ responds:

My two cents.

The actions of Indian man was cruel, wrong and he got what he deserved. But when I think about this, I look at it from the point of view of the Indian man. Here this man hated Black People so much so that he plotted to kill his daughter in law, the woman his son loved and the woman that bore him a grandchild. The hate that drove this man was unshakable. But even though he hated Black People, he was willing to set his hatred aside long enough to deal with black folks to get what he wanted, to kill Sparkle, his daughter-in-law. Sure he hated us, but he knew we hated ourselves even more. The figures on Black on Black crime is staggering and he knew that a another black person had not problem killing another black person. So, I do believe that we as black people hate ourselves much more than others hate us. If we didn't I don't think the numbers of black on black crime would be do staggering. Sure, environment plays a part in the crime statistics, but I believe that our hatred for ourselves has a lot more to do with the numbers than we are willing to admit.


Muata said...

Reader EJ Responds to EFJ:

I agree with most of what you said. But I just cant buy that he used black killers because he figured we would have no problem killing one of our own. Maybe he called 800 murder for hire and 2 black men showed up. And I doubt someone who has the capacity to kill really would care what color the victim might be.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to EJ:

Why? Everyone knows that blacks hate each other. What better way to get rid of us? What this Indian man did in essence is what the government started doing with crack in the eighties. It is the same Willie Lynch mentality: convince them that they are the problem, and they will begin to hate each other. We have fallen for it time after time. It is what was done on the shores of Africa: Put them against each other. Incite cultural hatred.

Those black guys hated themselves, and that made it easier for them to kill Sparkle. We are the problem! We hate the most!

The Indian probably experienced our hatred of one another while teaching at that HBCU for years. Yes, he taught at a black college. He knew us very well!!


Muata said...

Muata again:

One last thing from me on this:

It has been reported and confirmed that other BLACK folk knew about the killing of this sista, and said nothing. No snitching campaign?? Dumb!