Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jeremiah Wright: What He Said Years Ago May Derail Barack

It was only a matter of time. Barack has had to aggressively denounce Jeremiah Wright's, his church pastor and spiritual advisor, statements: "I vehemently condemn the statements of Jeremiah sum I reject his statements". That is a snippet of Barack's enhanced reproach.

Believe me; I certainly understand why Obama has come out with a more forceful statement. We all know to win the presidency candidates have to script what they say, and also distance themselves from individuals who may utter words that his/her voter base may consider inflammatory. So much for being yourself! In this case, Barack is more concerned by what this means to his white constituency, and not the black voters since we pretty much agree with Wright’s “anti-American” rhetoric. But, who am I to criticize, Barack Obama is running for the president of Babylon, and not the chairman of the local Black Panther Party. I guess he understands that we are in a country where being yourself is costly, and certainly not respected.

It is not ironic Barack Obama cannot stand behind what he believes, and it is obvious what Jeremiah Wright believes about America could be part of Barack's belief system considering he has been a member of Trinity United Church of Christ for over 20 years; and there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Even if Barack does not believe we should "God Damn America" Barack has been associated with a controversial biblical theology and radical teaching that alarms white America.

Isn’t it interesting that these white folk, the Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly types, are surprised that a few of us (black folk) are actually disgusted with this bias and corrupt system that governs Americans. They actually expect us to be porch monkey happy and tap dancing thankful to be apart of this 'great nation'. They still don't attempt to understand our plight while we are steadily and FOOLISHLY trying NOT to see the world in a black and white scenario.

Black people, America is viewed in BLACK AND WHITE - HAVES and HAVE NOTS by those in power, so why are you black people trying to see in the reverse? Are we just being good ole blacks...again? We, in all our efforts, need to see the United States for what it is: Us against Them. Black vs. White. Rich and Poor. Educated and Uneducated. Do we really believe white people who control this nation want a melting pot? Common on, people!

Jeremiah Wright is not far from being RIGHT. Most of us, black and white people, know this. Unfortunately, in America the truth hurts. It is a troublesome sore that will not heal for those persons in control. They are only interested in a superficial healing, and those of us who understands something about the truth knows that the truth is not flimsy.

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"Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian" -

Written by Muata. Inspired by sermons that were delivered almost five years ago – but most definitely TRUTHFUL. Too bad Barack Obama can no longer publicly applaud the truth.


Muata said...

A Blogger Responds to Muata's Commentary on another web site:


Barack Hussein Obama said he did not know that Reverend Wright preached such racist sermons but on his very first visit to the church in his book Dreams from My Father Pg. 293 he mentions Rev Wrights sermon. Rev Wright preached quote... It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where WHITE FOLKS GREED runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere... That is the world! On which hope sits! Reverend Wright spoke of Sharpsville and Hiroshima, the callousness of policy makers in the White House and in the State House. This sermon was preached on Obamas very first visit to the church and he STILL JOINED THE CHURCH. How does Barack Hussein Obama really feel about his church and Reverend Wright?

IT IS ALL ABOUT POWER. Did Barack Hussein Obamas mother see it taking over her sons life. IN Dreams from my father, Pg. 46 The sight made her shudder slightly, and she rose to her feet filled with a sudden panic. POWER was taking her son.

Signed: In God we Trust

Muata said...

Reader MS Responds:

No matter what was said and/or done, Barack is Guilty by Association on this one.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to MS:

Obama's association with Wright does not define who he (Obama) is. Barack Obama, if you see fit, should be judged by what he says and his record.

If one wants to condemn Wright's statements, then feel free to - do not assume Barack's beliefs are the same as Wright's just because he has been a member of Wright's church.

Do we all believe all the sentiments and thoughts of our current President? Do we believe and support everything our pastors says?

Barack is not guilty by association, but he will have difficulty proving otherwise.

In all honesty we need to listen to what Jeremaiah Wright is saying. His points are valid, and supported by millions of Americans. There is a lot of truth in what he interjects in the atmosphere. Just because it is considered offensive does not mean it does not have merit or value.
Listen, America!!!!


Muata said...

Reader SP Responds:

I am so tired of Fox News. They keep playing these sermons of Jeremiah Wright. It is obvious that they want to put a negative image on Barack's compaign. I am looking at it now, and all day they have been playing his sermons. Will they do
Jeremiah in and make it hard for him to go to the grocery store? I think he is just stating from the pulpit the state of America, but I do disagree with using the pulpit because when I go to church, I want to hear message about how the
bible and I relate. Ok, Muata, I know you have a lot to say, but think before speaking my brother. It is not Barack's fault that his pastor is saying those things. I know that my pastor, or the pastor....or from the church that I have a conflict with now for the same....words against me, but not words against America. I just have not attended there. I am praying for my pastor. I know these are 2 different comparisons, but I can relate that I am not responsible for what comes out of my or any pastor's mouth. I can just leave if I do not agree, but I honestly feel some of the ways the Rev. Wright speaks of. White America can't understand. They only see and hear the words, and not the hurt that the words are coming from. truth.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to SP:

Some words of discontent are not for the pulpit, but the black church has been our refuge for political messages in the past e.g. Civil rights movement. Jeremaih is speaking a truth that America hates to hear. They are guilty. They are doing everything possible to discredit Barack now. We have to stand behind him now if we support him. This could derail him, and we as black people need to be ready to get out their in force and uplift him with our voice and vote. These pundits are


Muata said...

Reader EJ Responds:

I listened to the audio of Jeremiah Wright on the link you provided, I cant find anything that's a lie. The issue is the anger in his voice. That's what is the real issue. Obama should distance public. Sad but true.


Muata said...

okay, let's put his political position regarding race on the table. after hearing and reading his "race speech" i was not completely satisfied with what he shared with the world. it was a great effort to bring both white and black people together (keep in mind that i am not excited about unifying with them) - but it lacked, in my opinion, substance pertaining to the "truths" about america. like the ones jeremiah wright has told over the years. like the truths malcolm and martin have told. even farrakhan. no, i am not saying he should have used what they are calling inflammatory in his speech. however, i wanted him to tell the story in a way that placed responsibility on them and their ways. not blaming; identifying responsibility and asking them to be accountable. i didn't need to hear what we as black folk should do or need to do. we have done enough. so much. we have forgiven them. we have tried to adapt. we have attempted to forget. but, now we have to do more?? no, i want the ball to be in their lap for a change when it comes to race relations. what have we done to continue the issues surrounding race in america? what? they are the ones who still do not accept us as we are: HUMAN. we have accepted them as HUMAN when history supports that they behaved in evil animalistic ways toward us.

they assist in turning us into haters of self. ask us to stop killing and disrespecting each other. lock us up if we don't. expect us to do a 180, and then criticize us when we behave the way that they have planned. and then finally, they have the audacity to say we are immoral.

don't take this as non-support of barack. i support him. he has my vote in the bag. and, i realize he can only say so much. he can't be a FULL truth teller like sharpton. he running for president. but, then again he may as well get TRUTHFUL on their azz. the far right is about to turn him in to the Malcolm X that called the white man the devil. and michelle is about to be Assata Shakur. look out, barack and michelle!!