Tuesday, December 04, 2007

10-month-old Pittsburgh baby dies after rape, assault

The Defenseless Continue to Suffer because of God’s In-action?

After reading the above article title (green font) in an online newspaper, and later summoning enough courage to read the article with the hope I would not become irate and/or puke-ish, I decided to engage a few people who are accustomed to me responding to both joyful and horrific newsworthy events. When I do this with detestable specifics I often times irritate those who are on the receiving end of my relentless frustration with the world – but in most cases I learn something from that welcoming friend and/or fellow blogger.

In this case, I must admit that my gloomy subconscious, and undependable and unstable conscious will not allow me to learn a thing from my readership. Old age revealed: Stubborn or either Jaded? You decide. Nevertheless (and typical), it was re-confirmed that most of us are more than likely religiously and theologically confused. Including me - after spending $50,000 on a divinity school education. We should just humbly confess together: we are utterly feeble-minded when it comes to making sense of human atrocities that leaves us asking the question, Why?


Please click on the link below before reading my pontification. (If you cannot access the web page please scroll down. The article is pasted below). After you read the elements of the tragedy please help me understand that lingering and unanswered question: Why?


Muata’s Search for Answers:

Where is God? Was the killing of Da'Niyah Marie Jackson in His plan?

The more and more that I become wiser with age I am beginning to believe that we, Believers and non-Believers, really need to re-consider saying and believing: "God Blessed me, God provides, God is good, God protects me, Without God there is no me" if we cannot provide justification for why BAD things happen to good and sinless people. Despite what that book of contradictions (The Holy Bible) tells us, Da-Niyan was sinless. White as snow. Unblemished! But, there are those who will tell us that she was created in sin, out of wedlock. Therefore, she is subject to the sinful acts that routinely occur in this world. This is one of the numerous views that ridiculously permeate within the Christian faith. Believable!

You can say, 'Brian, you appear to be so angry and/or distraught when it comes to religion and God' - but I contend that there is one question NONE of us can appropriately address or answer: WHERE IS GOD? Why does the evil criminal element flourish while the innocent suffer? There is no doubt that sanctified individuals will sincerely and self-righteously rationalize their beliefs and answers to these questions – but will they select to reason in a way that does not include a belief in this absent God we foolishly fear? No, MOST of these committed church-goers won’t do this because of the jitter that they have: Afraid to consider that there is not a God. However, when we take full stock and theological inventory of all the evil that occurs AROUND the WORLD, the following may not be a bad option: Not Believing. Some do say that Satan is winning and that he is the Ruler of the Kindom (John 18:36), so why believe in God, the apparent Loser?

But, for now I will continue to BELIEVE with the recreant thought that God will banish me to hell if I do not believe in Him. Who’s the wimp now? In normal circumstances (non-spiritual) my friends and associates would call me a PUNK AZZ BITCH for being scared. Why not now?

I am certain of one thing; I am tired of waking-up to another tragic episode! History and the disgusting present proves that there is some good in the world. I know that, but I am ‘lost’ when trying to think of what I would say to the parents of Da'Niyah Marie Jackson. I guess I would give the same ole 'justification' that I learned in pastoral counseling class: “God knows what's best. He has taken this baby to remove her from a sinful world. God is in charge. It was not in God's plan for the baby to live. Lean on the Lord for an answer, He will give it to you”. Would any of this Christian rhetorical babble help you with your lost/grief/pain/anger?

What say you?

Written by Muata. In honor of God’s forgotten: Da'Niyah Marie Jackson. She is one of millions neglected by Mr. Omnipresent.

November 24, 2007. PITTSBURGH (AP)

A 10-month-old baby died after being raped and beaten by her mother's boyfriend while the mother was at work, police said.

The infant died at Pittsburgh's Children Hospital on Saturday afternoon, two days after the alleged assault.

Clinton Smith, 30, of Pittsburgh, the mother's live-in boyfriend, remains in custody after being charged with rape and other offenses. Additional charges could follow an autopsy that was scheduled for Sunday, authorities said.

The mother told police she left the baby with Smith on Thursday morning when she went to her waitressing job. Smith was also caring for his 2-year-old son.

The mother found the baby unresponsive when she returned home at about 9:30 p.m. and called paramedics. The baby had severe bruises on her face, arms and legs, as well as a bite mark on her chest, police said. Doctors told police she had also been sexually assaulted.

A preliminary hearing for Smith was scheduled for Wednesday. He was awaiting trial on an unrelated June charge of simple assault, court records show.

In a separate September 2006 case, a woman who has two young children with Smith was granted a protection-from-abuse order against him after she said he attacked her and their daughter.

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Muata said...

Reader Response:

Muata, I hear you man. I've basically figured out that God doesn't do shit. The traditional answer is that God suffers with us. I've thought about it and now I'm thinking "big-whoop-de-fucking-do." Big fucking deal. I guess the only justice we're gonna see in this world is the justice that we create ourselves. I'm tired of working for God's lazy worthless ass. Time to go to law school.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to FTC:

Well, I really was not expecting a response like this. Seriously, I was not. I expected the regular, lame, baseless, and rehearsed feedback. For example:
"Satan did this, not God."

I guess God is losing the battle then, and Satan who was biblical defeated is WINNING. All of this stuff does not make any sense, but we walk around here spouting ridiculous azz concepts!

Good luck with law school. I will keep you in my prayers. LMAO!!

Pick-up my book when ya get a chance. I think you will appreciate it.


Yolie said...

I hear my husband's and my conversation on this as I read your entry. We are always pontificating on this same subject.

An acquaintance of mine once told me to get right with Jesus or I was going to hell and would subject my children and my children's children to hell. LMAO

I chose to excuse her insanity, because no matter what I say, she'll continue in her dubious belief that there is a hell in the hereafter. That's the only hope she has in a hopeless world and a very fragile one at that.

I've also found that arguing with insane people is useless. And to fear something you've never seen, yet show no love for those you can not only see, but touch, is insane.

My thing is how do you tell a mother who watches her child get gunned down in the street that she's going somewhere worse than this? How do you tell that to this little girl's mother? This woman has not only been to hell, she has souvenirs from the trip.

FREEDOM said...

....so times the BEST thing to SAY is NOTHING! just BE there for that person without saying and given our beliefs! just LISTEN to them and LOVE them back to health.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

See that's the thing Sir Muata. God has nothing to do with this. God does not create evil and evil hearts, and evil behavior. God needs to be taken out of this completely. God is Love. There is nothing about this article that shows Love. Which means this is not about God. This is all about hatred, twisted minds, hateful hearts and evil. All descriptions of Satan himself! The bible says that Satan is the ruler of this world. Thus the wicked mentality of mankind! And in due time he will be judged accordingly.

God's plan IS for mankind to live and yes, that Baby too! It's unfortunate that "SATAN" has other plans.

God created man to live he didn't create us, because he had nothing better to do. He didn't create us, just too hurt us and our family members by having us die. That would be cruel of him. What would be his point or purpose of doing that??!! NONE!! But Satan on the other hand...has a point and a purpose for doing so. This is Satan's doing! NOT GOD's!


Muata said...

Muata responds to MJ:

Well, according to your justification Satan has more power, and God is just sitting back and doing nothing to prevent the innocent from being killed. Who has more power: God or Satan? It appears Satan is winning the battle considering EVIL is around the corner. So, we are suppose to believe that God create us to be killed and crapped on? By the way, the God we say we believe in has a history of sanctioning murder. He is the culprit of all types of acts that He supposedly expect us to shun. The proof is in that useless book, The Bible.

Is this God a hypocrite or what? Or, perhaps His job is done, and now we are here to kill each other.

You have given this Devil power. I refuse to. Evil is committed at the hands of twisted people, and our God sits silently.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

I recommend you check out a book called "Radical Forgiveness". I think it hits the nail on the head as to "why". I doubt you will agree from what I have read from you, but if you are interested in a very well thought out opinion on the subject... this book will offer it.


Muata said...

Reader MJ responds to Muata:

The bible says at John 14:30 Satan is the ruler of this world. Jesus even referred to him as such. So it's no secret! Remember God cast Satan from his Heavenly position and he was "hurled into the vacinity of the earth". Which is why Satan as the bible says is the ruler of this world.

Satan is the ultimate culprit.
Satan's power is great. God's is GREATER.
Satan's power is temporary.

Now i will also go a step further and say, humans themselves also must bear alot of the blame for their own badness whether at the hands of other humans or as a result of their own conduct. Diseases are a result of man's own poor living habits and ruining of the environment. Wars due to man's own selfishness and greed each government/person want to be the "ruler". Lack of food. Because of human greediness. These are just some of many things that humans have cause ON THERE OWN. All these things give evidence, NOT that there is no God or god lacks power, BUT that humans are sadly misusing their god-given abilities and the earth.

Does God care? YES! Remember it was SATAN, ADAM and EVE who created this mess. They rejected god's guidance, chose to "self-rule". So that's the reason we are in the state that we are in. It's inherited from imperfect humans. So over the centuries God has been patiently seeking out those who, because of love for him and his ways, are willing to serve him (some of them have unfortunately died). He searches for those who love him and his ways, and are willing to serve him, the end result, the opportunity to enjoy all the blessings that they have been deprived of because of man's imperfections, misrule and Satan. God has set a time when he will deal with those who are ruining the earth. ALL IN DUE TIME....

Satan has power, but limited, he kills and cannot give life.
God's power is GREATER and much more loving...God doesn't kill because of hatred.He doesn't bring injustice. ..God's love can give back LIFE to any who may have died due to mess such as the article you attached.


Muata said...

Muata responds to MJ:

You know you contradicted yourself numerous times in your response? Re-read it. As I was reading, I felt your passion for your understanding of the biblical text, but what I failed to glean from your response is a balanced understanding of the text. It appears you have taken a Sunday School version of it, and then incorporated it within your life. And, I am not being cynical on this point. I respect your position, but in all honesty it does not make any sense. It is not reality-based, and it fails to answer the lingering questions: Where are you God? Why won't you intervene?

Also, the truth: We have been waiting on this God "in due time" for centuries.


Muata said...

Reader Responses:

So sad for the family. I will not speculate why it happened. There are so many "sick" people in this world. I don't know why these things happen, but keep in mind, Muata, that Satan has control of lives too. I understand what you are saying in reference to this harmless ten month old child.


I know you don’t like labels, but you really are a Buddhist.


Muata said...

A Reverend's Response:

God is not present just to keep all hurt & harm out of living. We grow and mature based on "life's Issues and the journey of trials & tribulations".

Perhaps the question is, did this lady respond to the help offered to her for child-care verses leaving her baby with a man who she had not established a real relationship with enough to leave her 10-month old baby. We always want to ask where God is but can we learn to take accountability for inappropriate decisions made that severely and adversely affect our children - our lives?

I counsel women in situations like this and I often want to shake them because they continue to think that just because a man smiles right or "hits it right", they are "THE ONE" - the one to trust, pour their life into and pour their soul. And when they are counseled or guided to learn to love themselves more than the man -there is a blank stare. This poor baby & mother are victims of generational issues and battles that God would rectify - if He was invited in to do so. But we all know - everybody wants to blame God for the bad instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and the horrific consequences that are inevitable. You can't keep trying to slide God in the back-door and then hold him accountable as if He had been a part of the picture and decisions from the beginning. God truly is a FREE-WILL God. He does not force or impose EXCEPT when we ask. And MY EXPERIENCE is that HE HAS ALWAYS come through. I can't testify for all - just me and what I know that I know that I know.

My heart and focus are to pray and seek God's mercy on the heart and suffering of this mother. And even ask for the mind of that sick man to be restored so that he can conciously face his horrific actions and hurt against that innocent baby.

-Rev. JA

Muata said...

Muata responds to Freedom:

Well, saying nothing is a good option. Especially, when what could be and often said is baseless and comes from the soul and mind of a man or woman (Christian) who speaks from a position of fear. Fear that God will strike them down if questions are presented to challenge the validity of a weak and powerless God. He is powerless in my mind because Satan is winning. Just watch the news.


Muata said...

Reader Response:

"Satan is the current God of this world. Satan is a spirit conspirator manipulating the world by deception and by fostering the spirit of disobedience. While on this Earth, Christ admitted that someone other than himself was the current ruler of the world."


Muata said...

MJ Responds to Muata:

Not sure what in your opinion was contradicting as you did not indicate. First, My understanding is very balanced and i don't do "Sunday School" as most people do. I go to the Kingdom Hall 3 times a week, to seek my knowledge. As going to seek knowledge, JUST on Sundays", is not enough time to gain knowledge of the bible. Yes, my correct knowledge of the bible is inculcated in my life. It has to be. If not, then what's the point?
What i said, makes complete sense to those who want to learn truth and understanding. If you seek controversy and combative ways (such as yourself), then of course what i said, may not make any sense.

Nothing i said was untrue if you reason from the "BIBLE" and not YOUR OWN thoughts and opinions.
Where are you god? That's simple. In the heavens. Where he's been always. But, i have also explained in my email to you what he is doing.

If you really know the bible, then you would know, the reason god has not intervene, is because of the issue of Univeral Sovereignty. And if you don't know what that means..then perhaps Sir Muata you need to crack open the bible, as i have. I base my answers on bible truths.

Yes we have waited. And will continue to wait, until God sees fit to pronounce judgement day. The bible says, a thousand years is BUT A DAY to god. So in god's eyes...we really have not been waiting that long.

I'm all about reasonable discussions Sir Muata..BIBLE FACTS, not just you talking, but knowing you are all about controversy, i don't see myself going back and forth with you about this.


Muata said...

Muata Responds to MJ again:

You should know by now that I have read the bible from front to back countless times. You should also know that I have studied it at my leisure and as a result of Divinity School/Seminary Training. I am pretty well-versed when it comes to the Bible. But, I have discovered that the bible is flawed. It is a weak resource for supporting opinions and positions simply because it is contradictory. If it is not, please answer this: Why does the bible support and promote homophobia, misogny, murder, genocide,...? I can go on.

I am not trying to be the KNOW IT ALL on this. I just like the dialogue.


FREEDOM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FREEDOM said...

Freedom responds to Muata again:

One thing that you have discovered from that “useless, outdated, contradictory piece of fiction called the Holy Bible” is…..How we should LOVE and what LOVE IS.
Therefore, if 1 Corinthians 13 Chapter is one of the REAL mandates that you have discovered from the Holy Bible, then YES!!! God’s work is DONE!

If only we (ALL HUMANS) mediate on this passage day and night, found in 1 Corinthians 13 Chapter. What a world it would be. B.E. Payne aka “Muata”. Good lookin’ out!

Read Below:

“1 Corinthians 13

If I talk with the tongues of men and even of angels, but if I do not love people, then I am only like the sound of a big horn or a loud bell. If I speak words from God, if I can understand all secrets, and know everything, if I can move mountains by believing, but if I do not love people, I am nothing, even though I can do all of these things. If I give away all I have, and if I give my body to be burned, but if I do not love people, I get nothing out of it. Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous. Love is not proud and does not boast. Love does not do things that are not nice. Love does not just think of itself. Love does not get angry. Love holds no wrong feelings in the heart. Love is not glad when people do wrong things. But it is always glad when they do right. Love forgives everything. Love is always trusting, and always hoping, and never gives up. Love never ends. The gift of speaking words from God will end. The gift of speaking in different tongues or languages will stop. The gift of knowing many things will end. Now we know only a little, and we can speak only a little of God's words. But when everything becomes perfect, that part will come to an end.”


Muata said...

Reader Responds and then Muata Responds:

In your way of thinking, if I'm understanding you, God would never let one bad thing happen. No suffering would ever occur. Is that right? I don't need a long answer just a confirmation that I'm reading you right.


No, I am just confused why God continues to allow the innocent to suffer. No child deserves what happened to this baby. Of course I understand all the justifications one will give to support the death of this child.

It is reasonable for me to wonder why God did not intervene. Especially, when He has been given credit for 'intervening' for others: 'God helped/protected me.' We hear this sentiment all the time.


Muata said...

Reader has questions for Muata:

Do you consider yourself a believer or a non-believer? From your other writings you say you believe in a higher power, but do you really? And if you do believe in a higher power, what purpose does he server in your life? And this is a question that after reading this article on the baby, I asked myself. I'm still pondering the questions as I search my being for the my true answer.


Muata said...

Muata responds to EFJ:

I am not a Believer of the Christian doctrine. To believe means that I am a Christian. I am not. When I say I believe, I am only indicating that I believe in a higher power. A force stronger than me - but not some deity or being that sits back and makes decisions for the world or even myself.

The purpose of my belief is to give credence to that power/force, and my way of not giving credit to man for what makes this world remarkable. Man can not be in control, in my mind. We are too weak and tainted to be!

God to me is this 'thing' we have created in our imaginations. He works for some and for others he does not. For me, He at times is useless. Serves no purpose. Just this idea within my imagination that I use when I feel He is needed. And, to be honest He is not needed by me much. His job with me is done. It is up to me to be the man I believe I am capable of being. Thinking this way removes any blame to God if I screw up! We are responsible and should be accountable for our lives.

His involvement in some people's lives is of their own creation via their imagination.


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FREEDOM said...

Freedom responds to Muata:

I do not know what God you’re serving, BUT my God does not mind if I question Him. My God does not mind if I am weak. My God does not mind if I am powerless. My God does not mind if I challenge Him.

I have told you time and time again…. Every “Christian” is not the same. I keep telling you this! Most importantly, I WILL keep telling you and showing you this over and over again.

You cannot lump every Christian together. Just like, you cannot lump all athletes together even though they are all athletic. Yes, some Christians out there do not have a clue about what they are saying nor what to say. I am a Christian. Moreover, I personally strive to NOT JUST TALK, but also put action behind my talk.

I do not mind you ALWAYS challenging the Christian faith because that IS making me stronger. It makes me depend on God a little more. It makes me examine my OWN heart and words. Satan is only winning because we as a human race fail to LOVE one another. I do not care if NO ONE believes in God.

However, I DO CARE about EVERYONE LOVING each other….Us recognizing each other as HUMAN BEINGS! That is what I have grown to care about not all this…Do you believe God exist and Can you prove that He does business?

Let us start LOVING one another. Let us start really being concerned about each other.


Like R. Kelly said, “REAL TALK”