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Goin’ up Yonder to be with my Lord

Please listen to this pretty decent rendition of Goin’ Up Yonder before reading my sermonette that I plan to deliver one day with the hopes the congregation will get HAPPY. If you can find the original version please listen to it too. I wrote this preaching piece in 13 minutes while drinking Elijah Craig on the rocks with a splash of Coke Zero. Chill, God gave me the gift of writing- and if He has no problem with me getting liquored-up you need to be quiet! God is Good! And, by the way, your Jesus was a Wine-o (Luke 22:17). Laugh with me!

If you have never heard this soul-stirring gospel song while growing up at a funeral or even at a lengthy Sunday afternoon church service you definitely missed out on hearing a woman (I prefer a woman) sing a song like she really believed what she was lyrically sharing with the world.

The man who originally recorded this gospel track gives you the impression he believed he was, Goin’ up Yonder to be with his Lord when his judgment day arrived. Evidently, Bishop Walter Hawkins sang this all too popular song as if he understood that the words would seep of pain and struggle while believing God has given him grace and all that he needs to pass through this world. Yes, he was headed to God’s land: Heaven. He wanted to be with his Lord while confidently understanding that he was destined to be in a better place real soon. Yes, to be with his Lord! His faith in this contagious belief was moving; and it appeared he did not lack motivation to do right so he could see his God one day. Be with his Lord! And, when he was gone he wanted the people who would ask, ‘where is he’, to know that he walked through those Pearly Gates. Finally, at home. At peace. Up Yonder!

If you have not comprehended by now that I cherish this song despite my theological views: Heaven, There is no such Place you need to start reading again! I proudly wear this view/belief across my chest on t-shirts like I truly believe that God has not prepared a place for us to be with Him. Oh, how I wish sometimes that there is a physical place where God is in full control. Oh, how that would answer all my questions. Oh, how this belief alone would give me the comfort I need while watching the depressing news. News that reeks of disappointment and disturbance. It is this type of news that I wish my soul could shield considering part of my PEACE and HAPPINESS is attached to the world changing. I am, along with John Mayer, Waiting on the World to Change.

A wounded Saint talking to the Lord:

Lord, how I want you to be sitting on a throne waiting on me because like so many other people: I am tired. Tired of hoping you will intervene. Hoping you will not allow another travesty of justice to occur. How I want you, God, to show yourself so I can know for certain that you are true. I can’t wait for my death. No, death may take too long. I need to know now because I am preparing myself to be with you, My Lord. Praying that I will see my Savior Up Yonder. I just want to be with my Lord! You God, no one else, understands my heartache. The comfort of knowing that you will ease my pain is pleasing. Actually, it is satisfying - but I am, on so many difficult days, ready to be with You. With my Lord! Amen.

Can you imagine our slave ancestors or our hopeless bothers/sisters in Haiti not believing that there was/is a place Up Yonder? I can’t. They have/had to believe that there was/is a place Up Yonder. How else could/can they get by? How could/can they be at peace? They believed/believe to make it through. Up Yonder with God was/is a place of refuge because this world did/does not offer what was/is needed to be emotionally safe, spiritually healthy, and eternally happy for too many of us. Therefore, Goin’ Up Yonder was/is, not only a belief, it was/is a way of life: “Preparing myself to be with You, My Lord.”

Even if we don’t believe that there is a place Up Yonder as a result of our 21st century thinking or our understandable frustrations and spiritual conflicts, we should still be able to identify with psychological pain and wanting terribly to be removed and saved from desperation. For many of us this pain is unbearable so we are looking for a way out through our flowerily imaginations and wavering beliefs. Believing that there is a place we call heaven is okay with me. At times we need to know that there is a reprieve on the way, or Up Yonder.

Believe on, Believer!

So, Brian E. Payne finds nothing wrong with this woman singing her heart out on YouTube. Singing to convey a belief. That belief for her and numerous others: There is a better place called heaven. It is Up Yonder! And, those who make it Up Yonder will be with their Lord one day.

Lord I sound like a preacher. That’s okay. Grandma’s prediction was that I would be in a pulpit one day. Will you join my unsanctified church? Come on down to the alter…before it is too late!

Can you see me rocking back and forth? God was in my whiskey on this one!

Written by Reverend Dr. Brian E. Payne. LOL! Inspired by this: “If anybody ask you where I am going. You tell them that I am going Up Yonder.” You also tell them that the Believers will travel their way to heaven on the Rough Side of the Mountain (click on link below-scroll down to song tracks-click on the Windows Media icon for the song Rough Side of the Mountain). Another gospel classic!

Thanks to all of you who have pleaded with me to start back writing, not only sermons, but more “Christianity favorable” commentaries. Just don’t get too comfortable. I ain’t no preacher…yet, and I STILL find it too intellectually difficult to be a Believer…again. Just can’t see myself standing in “God’s pulpit” advising others on how to live according to scripture knowing that the scripture is erroneous – and when it takes whiskey to move me!

The challenging and controversial book, Exposing Christianity, My Way of Sharing an Alternative to the Church’s Truth is available on line:

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FREEDOM said...

A Personal Thank You to Pastor Payne from Freedom:

Welcome back Rev. Dr. Brian E. Payne!

I missed your sermons as you are well aware. You know I have voiced to you on several occasions your need to start back writing sermons again. I am so pleased that you have decided to revisit this area of your talents by inducing spiritual awakening again through your sermon writing abilities.

Just one note: Instead of “waiting for the world to change”. The real change is for us, Human Beings to change, then and only then, Will the World be able to Change!

Our minds are where every thought and reality of ours is housed. We are the ones including myself who bring these different cause and effects into our lives (the natural) through what we perceive in our MINDS! The awakening aspect of that for me is that the idea of God (Light) and the Devil (Darkness) is ALL in our minds, and we choose which one we allow to dominate.

Love vs. Fear. I have lived a roller coaster life battling love vs. fear for far too long. I CONSCIOUSLY choose to walk in the light, in LOVE…God’s Love. You were right “LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER”.

Not saying that I will never make mistakes, but I choose to recognize my mistakes as coming from me and then stop “waiting on the world to change”, but start by asking God to change ME!

Excellent piece! Your sermons always enlighten me to see myself a little more clearly through the Light in which you project.

The Prodigal Son has returned home….WELCOME BACK!

Oh yeah, I will join your unsanctified church. When are church services held? I hope Sunday evenings so that I can sleep in on Sunday mornings after going to the club on Saturday nights…!

PS You are right, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ didn’t mind turning water into wine on any given day to keep the party goin'...LOL some more!!!

-Associate Pastor Freedom
Greater Rainbow Sunshine Missionary Baptist Church..LOL!!!