Friday, October 19, 2007

Bible Quoting Zealots: The Helmet Head Mormons and a
Du Rag Wearing Christian

I STILL can't believe that people hold their religious books of faith to heart so defensively and dearly. These people are egotistical zealots and dangerous fanatics. They will die for the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, etc. Literally, offer-up their lives for aged writings.

The power of religious and scriptural belief continues to be exceedingly harmful, and it confines people to a small box that's protected and insulated by insecurity and fear which renders countless 'Believers' to intellectual retardation and spiritual handicap-ness. And, then violence e.g. Middle East Conflict, Christian Crusades, etc. develops because their arsenal of scripture does nothing but divide and alienate.

I was happy to see the Christian brotha stand his ground. I was impressed by his tenacity to convey religious ‘justifications’ via the Bible. However, I was disappointed that he did the same thing most Mormons do: Discount and Reject while uplifting their beliefs. Typical of bible quoting Christians - while never understanding that their book of contradictions actually sanctions and supports hatred that leads to the violence I referred to above.

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Shared with the world by Muata. Inspired by my book. Specifically, the chapter that explains how the Bible is flawed propaganda disguised as love, religious truth, and God’s word.

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